Imperium Renewables Celebrates Opening of Nations Largest Biodiesel Production Facility

HOQUIAM, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Imperium Renewables today will officially celebrate the opening of its Imperium Grays Harbor biodiesel facility. With an annual capacity of 100 million gallons per year, it is the largest biodiesel production facility in the United States.

“The launch of Grays Harbor represents a coming of age for the biodiesel industry”

The launch of Grays Harbor represents a coming of age for the biodiesel industry, said John Plaza, founder and president of Imperium Renewables. This facility has the scale and the systems to produce fuel comparable to petroleum diesel that meets or exceeds ASTM standards. The difference is that our fuel has far less impact on our environment than fossil fuels and is made from renewable resources.

Biodiesel is a clean-burning alternative fuel made from oils derived from farm crops and animal fats and can be used in most conventional diesel engines with no significant engine modification. It can be used in pure form (100 percent biodiesel) or in a blended form, in which it replaces a percentage of regular diesel. Its environmental benefits include:

  • 78 percent fewer carbon dioxide emissions than petroleum diesel
  • The ozone forming potential of biodiesel hydrocarbons is 50 percent less than that measured for petroleum diesel

In 2006, the National Biodiesel Board estimates that more than 250 million gallons of biodiesel were consumed in the U.S., up from 75 million in 2005.

The facility is sited on a 12-acre parcel of land at the Port of Grays Harbor, Washington. The production facility has the capacity to produce up to 100 million gallons of biodiesel fuel, and is capable of storing up to 17 million gallons of biodiesel and feedstocks (the oil that is used to produce biodiesel) at any one time.

The site includes eight main tanks, which can hold 2 million gallons each and two reserves that can hold 500,000 gallons. The tanks are supported by massive, three-and-a-half-foot-thick concrete foundations, each one totaling 1,000 cubic yards of concrete supported by 185 piles driven 75 feet into the ground. Connection between the various equipment is achieved via an elaborate network of more than 70,000 linear feet of piping. The facility is feedstock agnostic, meaning it can create biodiesel from numerous different feedstocks -- even simultaneously.

The new facility incorporated proprietary technology techniques and processes that had been developed and improved at Imperiums original facility, Seattle Biodiesel. Imperium chose the Port of Grays Harbor for its strategic connections to rail, road and water transportation for both inbound raw materials as well as outbound biodiesel fuel.

About Imperium Renewables

Imperium Renewables is a leader in the renewable energy industry. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Imperium Renewables currently operates a 100-million-gallon-per-year nameplate capacity production facility in Grays Harbor, Washington, and is the largest pure-play producer of biodiesel on the West Coast. Imperium Renewables designs, develops, builds, owns and operates biodiesel production facilities that will be capable of consistently producing industrial-scale quantities of biodiesel from multiple feedstocks that exceed industry quality standards.


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