hakia.com Releases the First ''Search ScoopBar,'' Takes You Directly To Relevant Text in Documents

Eliminates Double Searching, Enables the User to Find and Scoop Relevant Search Results Faster

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--hakia.com, the Webs new meaning-based search engine, announced today the release of the hakia ScoopBar for Microsoft Internet Explorer. The hakia ScoopBar is the first Web search tool that, in one click, automatically highlights the relevant text in response to your search and locates the text by scrolling directly to that portion of the Web page. This feature eliminates the arduous task of double searching, whereby a user typically opens a page and then has to manually search through that Web page and multiple occurrences of keywords in a document for the desired answer. This detection of relevant search information is now faster and more effective than todays common practice of merely identifying multiple keywords within a page.

“When most people search, they have to search and search again through a results page to find the relevant text”

In addition, the ScoopBars Scoop n Save feature is a quick way to capture (scoop) the relevant section of a Web page and save it on the users local computer. The saved results are accumulated in a local hakiaResults.html page (or on another page as defined by the user) and are easily accessible for future use as a research companion.

The hakia ScoopBar is only possible through hakias innovative semantic search technology. A Mozilla Firefox version will be available in the Fall of 2007.

When most people search, they have to search and search again through a results page to find the relevant text, said Dr. Riza C. Berkan, founder and CEO of hakia.com. The automated sequence of highlighting, positioning, and scooping saves researchers a great deal of time. We are cutting the work of search in half. He added: The hakia ScoopBar reflects our mission to offer Web searchers the unique benefits of semantic search technology, and this is a great example of how the future of Web search will look. We will continue our search for better search, and offer Web searchers our findings.

About hakia.com

hakia.com has developed the Webs new meaning-based search engine, utilizing a radically new infrastructure designed to deliver the most relevant search results. Founded in 2004, the company is privately held and based in New York City. To find out more, go to http://www.hakia.com.


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