Google Leads in Search Monetization as Yahoos Market Share Stabilizes

SearchIgnite and RBC Capital Markets jointly issue Q2 report evaluating performance & market share of the top engines

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--New research from SearchIgnite and RBC Capital Markets reveals that Google has surpassed both Yahoo and Microsoft in revenue earned per search in the second quarter of 2007, leading to Googles market share of 76% of the spending on the top three engines, even though Google only displays 60% of ad impressions.

“Panama has stabilized Yahoo’s market share but so far has failed to give them the gains necessary to take them to the next level”

SearchIgnite, a leading search and media management technology provider managing more than $200 million annually in paid search, teamed up with RBC Capital Markets, whose research arm methodically covers Google, Yahoo, and others in the Internet space, to uncover unique findings related to market share and revenue per search across the top engines. The companies jointly published a white paper today entitled Market Share Trends within the Engines, and Their Impact on Brand Marketers, revealing these key findings:

  • Search engine market share, defined as the percentage of media spend, has stabilized in 2007, as Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft have not been able to make significant gains.
  • Google continues to garner a much larger percentage of media spend than its percentage of searches. In June 2007, Google received 76% of media spend while it received only 60% of searches across its network. In contrast, Yahoo earned 18.3% of media spend although it received 34% of searches across its network over the same time period.
  • Googles revenue per search continues to increase due to its continual tweaking of quality score algorithms and minimum bid requirements. Google made a significant change in June regarding landing page relevancy to reduce spam in its listings. This benefited large brand marketers while having a detrimental effect on smaller advertisers.
  • Large brand marketers continue to benefit from Yahoos Panama platform, although their gains have stabilized.

This study tracked more than 14 billion impressions and 185 million clicks on Yahoo, Google, and MSN from January 1, 2006 through June 30, 2007 across more than 500 marketers, all of whom are clients of SearchIgnite directly or via its sister company 360i.

"Interestingly, the SearchIgnite data confirms that Google's late-May change to increase the weighting of landing page quality in the paid search ranking algorithm benefits large enterprise advertisers and makes it more difficult for affiliates and other smaller online advertisers, said Jordan Rohan, Managing Director and Internet analyst at RBC Capital Markets. Furthermore, Yahoo's Panama-related market share gains now appear somewhat temporary."

Panama has stabilized Yahoos market share but so far has failed to give them the gains necessary to take them to the next level, said Roger Barnette, President of SearchIgnite. Googles second quarter algorithm change continued to propel its leadership in monetizing search for large brand marketers, surpassing Microsoft, who has historically been able to monetize search very well, albeit with fewer eyeballs.

This is the third in a series of quarterly reports that tracks results from Panama. Subsequent reports will start to reflect budgetary decisions that search marketers are making regarding their budget allocations across the major search engines, reflecting the longer term economic impact of the Panama release. This report is a follow up report to Yahoo Panama: Early Returns and Yahoo Panama and the Broader Search Landscape: A Q1 2007 Competitive Review, studies produced by SearchIgnite and RBC Capital Markets which can be found at

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