iWebTrack Launches iWebTrack Version 3.0 Beta

Leading Web Analytics Company Features Improved Site Performance and Free Website Monitoring

GAINESVILLE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--iWebTrack Holdings Inc., whose main analytics product iWebTrack located at www.iwebtrack.com, has launched iWebTrack 3.0 Beta (V3), a hosted analytics solution. In addition to improved site and server performance, there are many new and improved features. High traffic sites running large reports over multiple dates will now load just as quickly as low-traffic sites on a single date, and tracking is now almost true real time, vs. up to a several hour delay for most competitive products. V3 is a more efficient and effective web analytics tool that offers the same great features as Version 2.0 but with additional help context menus, new features, and more robust reports that are easier to understand.

iWebTrack customers can schedule daily email management and SMS/text reporting as well as access statistic reports through AIM. As an authorized user, you simply send a command to iWebTrack over AOL instant messenger and receive instant, real-time statistical summaries in a matter of seconds. These unique and convenient reporting features are not offered at the hosted level by any of our competitors including Clicktracks, Onestat, WebTrends, IndexTools, or HitBox.

iWebTrack LITE is a lightweight version of iWebTracks web interface. Designed specifically for your Palm, iPAQ, Blackberry, cell phone or any PDA that is accessible to the Internet, iWebTrack LITE allows you to access real-times stats from anywhere.

iWebTrack also uses a javascript code to track site visitors to avoid underreporting since it is estimated that approximately 35% of Internet surfers block cookies. Clicktracks, Onestat, and HitBox do not offer cookie free tracking in a hosted model.

iWebTrack 3.0 also offers free website monitoring with no added fee. As a stand-alone feature, website monitoring costs approximately $19.99 per month; however, iWebTrack understands the importance of site monitoring, so free website monitoring is included in all web analytics packages. In addition to website monitoring, iWebTrack provides free traffic alerts. By simply enabling this feature, iWebTrack will send you an alert whenever your traffic hits an uncharacteristic high or low. iWebTrack offers one all-inclusive plan that gives you access to every feature regardless of your monthly rate. Manage multiple websites under one iWebTrack account, at no extra charge.

iWebTrack is one of the leading innovative web analytics providers, servicing thousands of sites worldwide. Customers vary among individual webmasters, small businesses, Universities, Fortune 500 companies, and private-label resellers. For more information about iWebTrack, visit the companys website at www.iwebtrack.com.


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