Flexcar and TerraPass Take the Carbon Out of Car-Sharing

Industry-First ''Green Membership'' Plus Hundreds of Hybrids -- Including New Lexus RX 400h Luxury Hybrid -- Make Flexcars Fleet the ''Coolest'' in the Industry

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Flexcar (www.flexcar.com) has already effectively removed thousands of cars from the roads and reduced millions of pounds of carbon emissions from the air. So how does Flexcar make its leading national network even better and cooler? By increasing the number of hybrid vehicles and partnering with TerraPass (www.terrapass.com), the leading provider of carbon offsets for individual consumers, to balance the entire carbon footprint of its fleet.

“Now, in addition to driving environmentally friendly vehicles, like hybrids, our members can effectively balance the impact of all of their Flexcar trips.”

Flexcar has partnered with TerraPass to create a new type of membership -- the Green Membership -- to allow its members to balance the emissions from their Flexcar usage. The option, which costs $9.95 per year (in addition to the regular $35 annual Flexcar membership fee), effectively reduces one ton of carbon emissions for each Green Membership.

Flexcars Green Membership is a new way for Flexcar and our members to extend our commitment to leading environmental stewardship, said Mark Norman, Flexcars CEO. Now, in addition to driving environmentally friendly vehicles, like hybrids, our members can effectively balance the impact of all of their Flexcar trips.

TerraPass will use the funds to sponsor clean energy projects that are certified to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. All TerraPass purchases are verified by an independent third-party auditor, the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions. The Green Membership will also include supplementary benefits in the future, including discounts with some of Flexcars environmentally progressive partners.

Flexcars members are already making a considerable contribution to the health of our planet, said Tom Arnold, founder and chief environmental officer of TerraPass. With Flexcars Green Membership, they can further reduce the environmental impact of their Flexcar use.

Flexcar members can now save green in more ways than ever. Flexcar recently waived application fees for new members and annual fees for repeat users, making it easier than ever to join and renew. Flexcar gives its members the freedom of owning a car without the cost and hassles. Flexcars point-click-drive system lets members have a car just when they need it, paying for it just when they use it. Vehicles are parked in conveniently located reserved parking spots throughout cities across the country. Members reserve a Flexcar online or via touchtone phone, use their Flexcard to open the doors, take their trip, then return the car to its reserved parking location at the end of the reservation. A typical Flexcar rate is $9.00 per hour or about $60.00 per day, and it includes gas, premium insurance, 150 free miles, maintenance, parking and 24-7 emergency service.

The environmental by-products of car-sharing programs have been well-documented by independent research: members reduce vehicle miles traveled by 40 percent and each shared car removes up to 15 personally owned vehicles from the streets (Transportation Research Board).

Flexcars environmentally friendly fleet already achieves 40 percent better fuel economy than the average new vehicle sold in the U.S. One-third of the fleet is comprised of hybrid vehicles, the highest in the industry. The coolest fleet at Flexcar also includes MINI Coopers, Scion tCs, Mazda Miatas and the Lexus RX 400h luxury hybrid SUV.

About TerraPass

TerraPass offers a way for individuals who are concerned about global warming to balance their impact by funding projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By sponsoring emissions-reducing projects such as wind farms, individuals can balance out emissions from activities such as driving, flying, and home energy use. All of TerraPass transactions are third-party verified by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions. Since its founding in 2005, TerraPass has grown to over 55,000 members. TerraPass has successful partnerships with Expedia, Ford Motor Company, Living with Ed, Sams Club, and uShip. TerraPass services, news, and information are available at http://www.terrapass.com.

About Flexcar

Flexcar founded the U.S. car-sharing industry and has operations in more cities (12) across the U.S. than any other provider. By the hour or by the day, members can reserve and drive any of these cars whenever and wherever they need to, without filling out complicated paperwork or paying for insurance, gas or repairs. Flexcar Business Memberships enable companies to augment or replace their fleet with Flexcar vehicles. Flexcars University programs enable campuses to address parking and mobility issues for faculty, staff and students. Flexcar's fleet includes environmentally friendly hybrid sedans, utility vehicles (including pickups, minivans, and SUVs), sporty cars (including MINIs, Miatas and Scion tCs) and luxury vehicles (Lexus). Flexcar is a portfolio company of Revolution Living, an operating unit of Steve Cases investment firm Revolution, LLC. More information on the company is available online at www.flexcar.com.

Editor's Note: Correct spelling and punctuation of name is "Flexcar" (not Flex-car, FlexCar, Flexicar or Flex Car).


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