New Book Reveals Global Warming Is Cause of Increasingly Extreme Weather

Conservation Scientist Publishes Book on Earths Reaction to Rising Temperatures

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--From enormous devastating wildfires in California and Florida to tornadoes destroying entire cities in Kansas and floods submerging parts of Missouri, wild weather patterns are increasingly wreaking havoc. Scientists have determined that the U.S. and the world will experience continuing intense weather phenomenon and more severe droughts, wildfires, storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding for the foreseeable future.

“As our world population continues to grow, understanding the impact of more extreme weather and being prepared for the consequences is essential to the survival of every future generation”

Dr. Reese Halter, award-winning conservation scientist and founder of Global Forest Science, believes that severe weather patterns create not only result in loss of life, but they create physical, emotional and financial damage. In his latest book, Wild Weather The Truth Behind Global Warming, Dr. Halter presents a compelling account about the linkages between the worlds extreme weather phenomena and global warming. Wild Weather takes an interesting, and sometimes terrifying, look at some of the wildest weather in recent history, which is historys track to repeat itself and its devastation. From hurricanes, blizzards and ice storms to tornadoes, drought and fire, Dr. Halter explains the relationship between Earths most devastating natural disasters and its changing ecosystem.

Weather affects all aspects of human life, from where we live and where we travel, to the food and fresh water supply we need to survive, said Dr. Reese Halter, conservation scientist and author of Wild Weather The Truth Behind Global Warming. As our world population continues to grow, understanding the impact of more extreme weather and being prepared for the consequences is essential to the survival of every future generation, he added.

The book's timely and essential account is a resource for those who seek answers about the instability of the worlds climate and its harsh effects, and want to know the real truth behind global warming. Wild Weather provides balanced and rational scientific explanations, fascinating facts and easy to understand timelines useful for all audiences while delving into an extremely controversial topic. Addressing the most common and devastating natural disasters one by one, Dr. Halter demonstrates the interrelationships between weather and global warming, and offers simple yet powerful steps everyone can take to reduce the harmful effects humans are inflicting on the planet. Wild Weather motivates readers not to fear weather changes, but to capitalize on the opportunities ahead by making a personal positive impact to manage the reality of the worlds changing climate.

Wild Weather offers inquisitive minds a more in-depth understanding and explanation of extreme weather events, and hope for those wanting to make a significant difference for the well being of the planet for the future.

Published by Altitude Publishing, Wild Weather The Truth Behind Global Warming is available for $9.95 in select bookstores across North America, or online through and

About Dr. Reese Halter

Dr. Reese Halter is an award-winning conservation scientist, best-selling childrens author, syndicated science writer, host of the PBS nature series Dr. Reeses Planet, and professor of botany at Humboldt State University. Founder and president of Global Forest Science, a non-profit international forest biology research institute, Dr. Halter works with a team of 140 scientists to bypass ecological disasters and identify and protect fragile ecosystems. With offices located throughout California, Global Forest Science is a world leader in science-based conservation that works to protect the environment and to encourage children to embrace conservation, science and learning. For more information, visit Dr. Halters Web site at or


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