Prom Queen to Debut First on MySpace

Users of Leading Lifestyle Portal to See Eisner Web Series First

MySpace Users to Get Exclusive Character Profiles, behind-the-Scenes Video and Show Diaries

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MySpace today announced a partnership to debut Prom Queen, a scripted serialized mystery produced by Michael Eisners new independent production studio Vuguru, first on MySpace. Each episode will launch on the shows official profile ( twelve hours before being released on any other website.

“Prom Queen has the potential to be a break-out hit on MySpace”

Prom Queen has the potential to be a break-out hit on MySpace, said Chris DeWolfe, CEO and co-founder of MySpace. Video is a cultural cornerstone for the MySpace community its a huge part of how our users express themselves and discover pop culture. We have become a primary destination for online viewers and with exclusive content like Prom Queen, more and more eyeballs are coming to MySpace Video.

Prom Queen kicks-off a high volume of upcoming product and content developments for MySpace Video across premium, licensed, and original content platforms.

With this partnership, the future of on-line story telling is now, said Michael Eisner. MySpace offers the Prom Queen audience a complete experience by giving them the ability to stay connected to the show, the characters and other Prom Queen fans in a way that no other on-line drama has ever done before.

Prom Queen, set against the final two months of the high school year, premieres Sunday, April 1, at 7 pm EST on MySpace. This short-form series will unravel over 80 episodes, each running 90 seconds long. The MySpace Video channel and show profile page will spotlight exclusive series content including character profiles, behind-the-scenes video footage, character diaries, and storyline secrets.

MySpace Video is a video content hub and a contextual video experience for the larger global community. The popular video destination is a platform for content models including user generated, licensed, paid downloads, exclusive content, and original programming.

To view Prom Queen and learn more about the series main characters, visit:














About MySpace

MySpace, a Fox Interactive Media company, is the premier lifestyle portal for connecting with friends, discovering popular culture, and making a positive impact on the world. By integrating web profiles, blogs, instant messaging, e-mail, music streaming, music videos, photo galleries, classified listings, events, groups, college communities, and member forums, MySpace has created a connected community. As the second ranked destination in terms of page views(1), MySpace is the most widely-used and highly regarded site of its kind and is committed to providing the highest quality member experience. MySpace will continue to innovate with new features that allow its members to express their creativity and share their lives, both online and off. MySpaces international network includes localized community sites in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Canada, and New Zealand.

(1) Among the top 2000 domains comScore Media Metrix, February 2007. For more information on comScore Networks, please go to

About Vuguru

Vuguru is a new media studio for Michael Eisner's The Tornante Company. The studio produces and distributes innovative story-driven content for current new media and emerging platforms. Vugurus production of Prom Queen is the first of many shows developed and produced by the studio. Privately held, The Tornante Company makes investments in and incubates companies and opportunities in the media and entertainment space. Tornante holds ownership stakes in Veoh Networks and Team Baby Entertainment.


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