Jobster Launches the First Online Career Service Designed for the Digital Generation

New Product Announcements Follow Record January Traffic of More Than 1 Million Unique Visitors

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Hot on the heels of a record January in which more than 1 million unique individuals visited the website, Jobster Inc. today launched the first online career service designed for the digital generation. The new Jobster, which can be found at, marks a major step forward in the evolution of employment websites. Jobster is the first career development website to make extensive use of Web 2.0 technologies to help individuals connect with people, information and opportunities to help them further their careers. In an industry first, the new Jobster offers employers unlimited free personalized job postings, enabling jobseekers to meet the hiring manager or recruiter for a particular position, and immediately presents employers with potential matching candidates.

“We believe that the real value is in matching the right person to the right job, not in the posting of the employment opportunity. Today’s release is a profound expression of our Jobster mission: to help people reach their potential by providing innovative online services that enable meaningful career matches”

We spent the last twelve months designing the new Jobster to meet the needs and expectations of the digital generation, said Jobster CEO Jason Goldberg. The digital generation has widely embraced social networking, user generated content and video, and Jobster is bringing these technologies to career development and humanizing the job search process. The digital generation has demanded more efficient business models, and Jobster is committed to bringing innovations to the employment category, beginning today with our unlimited free job postings and candidate matching model.

We believe that the real value is in matching the right person to the right job, not in the posting of the employment opportunity. Todays release is a profound expression of our Jobster mission: to help people reach their potential by providing innovative online services that enable meaningful career matches, Goldberg said.

Goldberg outlined the following three principles that guided the development of Jobsters online career service for the digital generation:

1. We believe that career development is a lifestyle, not a transaction. That is why we are creating a service which people will want to use again and again to connect with people, information and opportunities to further their careers.

2. We believe that the value is in the match, not in the posting. That is why Jobster offers unlimited free job postings so that anyone and everyone can experience and help shape our new model for career matching. That is also why we are firmly committed to continued technical innovation on our premium hiring tools which hundreds of leading employers pay to use to home in on better matches for their positions.

3. We believe that people hire people, not résumés, and that people go to work for people, not for job descriptions. That is why we are embracing digital career profiles which utilize user-generated content, tag-based data and navigation models, and video to help bring the real person behind the résumé and the job description to life.

Key features of the new Jobster online career services for the digital generation released today include the following:

  • Unlimited Free Personalized Job Postings. Users can enter an unlimited number of job postings onto Jobster for free. Each job is tagged to generate candidate matches. Jobs are featured directly on the posters profile, enabling jobseekers to connect directly with the hiring manager or recruiter. In two weeks of beta trials leading up to todays launch, more than 1,400 jobs were added by recruiters and hiring managers around the country.
  • Digital Profiles / Résumés. Jobster users create dynamic online profiles containing rich information about their employment and educational history. Structured information on work history is combined with free-form answers to thoughtful questions about work experiences to provide a rounded picture of the user extending beyond the typical résumé. Users can set their availability status to reflect their current career development stage, such as networking, hiring, job seeking or seeking projects. Jobster profiles are optimized by popular search engines enabling candidates and employers to increase their visibility.
  • Superstar Tags. Users tag their profiles with key attributes that represent their skills and background. Each user stack-ranks their tags. The users top five tags are known as their Superstar Tags, and the sort order of their Superstar Tags is used to affect their order in search results and to match them with people, information and opportunities.
  • Video Profiles. Users can initially add video to their profiles by embedding YouTube videos. In beta trials, many jobseekers used the feature to create video résumés highlighting their work experiences, while hiring managers and recruiters used the feature to promote their place of employment.
  • Career Networking. Users can mark other users of interest as favorites or faves. When two users fave each other, a mutual contact is established, enabling two people to meet for the first time on the Jobster site for career networking purposes.
  • Notes. Users can leave notes for other users via Jobsters simple messaging service. For instance, a user can ask another user for career advice or to introduce himself or herself to another user at a target company.
  • Personalized URL. Each user can set a personalized URL on Jobster, such as This enables hiring managers to easily direct candidates to learn more about open positions, as well as providing an easy way to remember the online home for the jobseekers digital résumé.
  • Job Search. Jobster provides one-stop searching of millions of jobs aggregated from thousands of sites from across the web, as well as from jobs entered directly via Jobsters unlimited free personalized job postings. Jobster identifies likely job matches based on each users profile and preferences, and presents suggested matches at the top of search results.
  • People Search. Users can search for people based on their Superstar Tags or their availability preferences. For instance, users can search for all people tagged marketing director or for all users who are currently hiring.
  • Company Search. Jobster compiles relevant information about companies into a single searchable webpage. Users can search for people with experience at certain companies, for user generated information about employers (such as what the interview process is like) and for current job openings at target companies.
  • Personalized Home Page. Jobster generates a unique personalized home page for each user based on their Superstar Tags and site usage. Personalized homepages contain dynamically updated information about potential matching opportunities, people and information that the user would likely wish to connect with.
  • Premium Hiring Tools. Complementing its unlimited free personalized job postings, Jobster offers a fully integrated suite of premium hiring tools that enables employers to extend the reach of their hiring efforts via e-mail marketing campaigns, passive candidate database searches, job distribution, blog advertising, career website optimization and talent network management. Pricing for Jobsters premium hiring tools starts at $275/user/month on a subscription basis. A 15-day free trial of Jobsters premium hiring tools is offered at

Jobster also announced today that it will become Facebooks exclusive job search partner and will launch a career center on Facebook in the spring. For more details on this news, register for a WebEx conference call with Jobster CEO Jason Goldberg on February 8 at 10:00 a.m. PST,/1:00 p.m. EST. To register for the event, please visit: 17564303061a5a020816190b09095d12540f355856470500020646515c55%2526UID %253D53648272%2526siteurl%253Deval%2526confID%253D388270007 &siteurl=eval. (Due to its length, this URL may need to be copied/pasted into your Internet browser's address field. Remove the extra space if one exists.)

About Jobster

Founded in 2004, Jobsters mission is to help people meet their potential by providing innovative online services that enable meaningful career matches. Every day employers and jobseekers around the world rely on Jobster to connect with each other. Starbucks,, Boeing, Premera Blue Cross, Microsoft, Google, Philips, Samsung, Boston Scientific and more than 15 percent of Fortune 100 employers use Jobsters premium hiring tools to find the great people they cannot find elsewhere. Jobster has offices throughout North America and the U.K. and is backed by industry-leading investors Ignition Partners, Trinity Ventures, Mayfield Fund and Reed Elsevier Ventures. For more information, visit


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