Culligan Enhances Its Digital Smart-Sensor Water Softener to Combat Winters Harsh Toll and Hard H20

Patented Digital Aqua-Sensor® Technology Automatically Adjusts to Lifestyle and Water Conditions, While Saving Homeowners Money

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Culligan International Company, a global innovator of high-quality water treatment solutions for residential and business use, unveiled a smarter way to soften hard water and combat winters harshness with the newly enhanced digital Aqua Sensor®. This technology is an advanced digital probe that sits inside Culligans Smart-Sensor residential water softener. The Aqua-Sensor continuously monitors water chemistry, automatically adjusts to changes in water conditions and activates regeneration only when needed to ensure optimal water and salt consumption. In just 10 years, homeowners can save more than 2.5 tons of salt and 20,000 gallons of water, using the patented new Aqua-Sensor technology.(a)

“That’s because it brings consumers peace of mind. They only have to program it once, never touch it again and enjoy the benefits of soft water. Smart was never so simple!”

Simple to program, cost-efficient to use and easy to maintain, Culligans Smart-Sensor solution sets a new standard for home water softeners. The new Aqua-Sensor probe provides the latest in smart technology a trend that is now dominating the residential home construction market. Homeowners are looking for new and innovative products, services and technology to simplify their lives and create their dream homes.

Whether remodeling or building new, Culligans Smart-Sensor water softener should be an initial consideration in the early phases of home design, says Amy Hansen, Director of Household Product Management. Thats because it brings consumers peace of mind. They only have to program it once, never touch it again and enjoy the benefits of soft water. Smart was never so simple!

Homeowner Tips to Experience the Benefits of Softer Water

A homes water is vitally important to its residents health and well being. In fact, water is the most overlooked of all nutrients. It transports minerals, carries away waste and keeps the skin, nose, mouth and eyes moist. Softer skin, cleaner dishes, brighter clothing and longer lasting appliances are among the many benefits of softer water.

Culligans enhanced Aqua-Sensor technology intuitively adjusts to changes in water hardness and consumption. Its easy-to-read, backlit display alerts homeowners to check salt levels and when service is required. This is particularly important during the winter months, when residents need added assurance that their water softeners are working properly.

(a) Savings are calculated using a metered water softener over 10 years, under varying conditions, as a comparison.

Blustery winter temperatures cause higher reliance on home heating and consequently create low moisture in homes. To minimize the chill of the season, homeowners should take the following water softening tips to heart:

1. Tame the mane. Soft, smooth skin and clean, manageable, shiny hair are especially elusive in winter months, when low humidity wreaks havoc from head to toe. Skin can become parched and dry. Hard water, which contains magnesium and calcium, is a leading cause of dry skin and hair. This is because the hardness minerals in water react with soaps and shampoos, leaving behind a residue which can irritate your skin and dry your hair. While lotions offer some relief, theres no substitute for bathing in soft water, where irritating minerals have been removed from the homes water supply. Soft water also allows a small dollop of shampoo to create a full head of lather, leaving hair softer, shinier and requiring less conditioning.

2. Be crystal clear about your dishware. Family gatherings mean more food and more dishes. Hard water can leave crystal, glassware and china spotted with unsightly soap scum. Soft water reduces the build up of soap and mineral deposits on dishes as well as minimizes the need for the dishwasher to do double duty.

3. Welcome guests with open (shower) doors. Expecting visitors? Culligans patented Aqua-Sensor technology adjusts to changes in water hardness and consumption, so theres no need to be concerned about having enough soft water for weekend guests.

4. Snuggle up to softer, brighter laundry. Wrapping up in a favorite robe or blanket can combat the winter chill, just as softer water can make laundry that much fluffier. During the wash cycle, water softeners help prevent mineral deposits and soap scum from building up on fabrics that cause them to feel stiff or look gray and dingy. As an added plus, clothes will not fade as quick and will last longer so softened water helps lower the replacement cost of clothing.

5. Reduce your exposure. Harsh detergents and cleansers can further strip the body of essential oils, worsening already winter-irritated skin. With the Aqua-Sensor working 24/7, consumers can enjoy bathing, showering and laundering without excessive amounts of bathroom or laundry products. Since soaps and detergents work more efficiently in soft water, homeowners can achieve the same optimum results using less product, shorter wash cycles and cooler water.

6. Lower your expenses. During the winter months, homeowners spend more time indoors. As a result, water consumption increases. All water-using appliances (hot water tank, dishwasher, washing machine) operate more efficiently and require fewer repairs with soft water. Soft water also helps plumbing last longer without the lime scale buildup caused by hard water. Since soft water contains no scale-forming minerals, it leaves the inside of appliances free of solidified rock. Fewer issues mean fewer repair bills.

7. Leave town without worry. Snowbirds planning to leave town or take a vacation during the winter no longer have to worry about leaving their water softeners unattended. The Aqua-Sensors patented pre-rinse feature automatically refreshes the system after 10 idle days, which gives vacationers peace of mind. The softening system is also ideal for seasonal or weekend homes.

8. Remodel with ease. When preparing to remodel, homeowners need to ensure that the water meter and water service entrance pipe remain accessible and are not isolated behind walls where they might be susceptible to freeze-up. The same applies to the water softener. It should be located in an area where the temperature cannot go below freezing, and where the display panel is readable. Culligans Smart-Sensor offers an easy-to-read digital display, as well as a self-diagnostic feature that alerts residents using an audio and visual signal to check salt levels when the system needs service. Culligans Smart-Sensor also contains specially designed electronics that hold power for up to 24 hours in case of an outage.

Extensive Testing, Immediate Availability

To help relieve the harshness of winter, consumers rely on softer water. Culligans new Aqua-Sensor probe is an integral component of the Smart-Sensor water softening system. It was rigorously tested to ensure high quality over a long life by a prestigious independent lab. The new probe is certified by the Water Quality Association for materials in contact with drinking water per NSF/ANSI Standard 44.

Culligans Smart-Sensor Water Softener, which contains the patented Aqua-Sensor technology, is available immediately for shipment and installation. For pricing and product questions, or to locate a Culligan dealer near you, contact Culligan at 1-800-CULLIGAN.

About Culligan

Culligan is headquartered in the Chicago area, with a network of 700+ dealers, and maintains international offices in 12 countries. For more than 70 years, Culligan has been recognized as the world leading innovator and provider of filtration systems to improve general use and drinking water in the home and workplace. Culligan offers the most extensive water treatment product line in the world, and its solutions have been awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal®, highlighted as a Consumers Digest® Best Buy and featured on the Designing Spaces® national television show. For more information, visit: or call 1-800-CULLIGAN.


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