Introducing Vizu Answers, the Internets First Self-Serve Market Research Service and Network

Researchers Get the Answers They Want and Bloggers Add a New Revenue Stream With Easy, Fast and Cost-Effective Market Research Network

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Vizu Corporation, the company democratizing market research, today introduced Vizu Answers (, a revolutionary new service that allows anyone to conduct do-it-yourself market research online. Vizu Answers combines an easy-to-use polling platform and network of websites to enable any knowledge worker to conduct research quickly and cost effectively. The service also offers bloggers and web publishers a new way to generate revenue by hosting online polls, which add intriguing, relevant content and another level of interaction to their sites.

“More than 90% of market research questions go unanswered because traditionally, it is expensive, time-consuming and complicated, and can require an investment of thousands of dollars and weeks of time”

More than 90% of market research questions go unanswered because traditionally, it is expensive, time-consuming and complicated, and can require an investment of thousands of dollars and weeks of time, said Mack Tilling, Chairman and CEO of Vizu. We created Vizu Answers to let anyone from entrepreneurs to small business owners to individuals in large corporations get the market research data they need quickly and cost effectively. Now proprietary answers are available in a matter of hours for a few hundred bucks.

Vizu Answers clients have included many entrepreneurial smaller firms, as well as larger consumer-oriented companies, like Sephora and Orbitz and financial institutions like Cowen & Co., and WR Hambrecht.

Esther Dyson, a long-time industry analyst and an investor in Vizu added, Vizu Answers got my attention as user-generated polls. Its addressing a variety of current trends the long tail, user-generated content. Now the long tail of market researchers, amateur or professional, can afford to study the long tail of topics not just which cola people prefer, but what features would appeal to swimmers in a pool thermometer. No matter how esoteric your question, you can now find the handful of fanatics who have been begging to tell you their opinion on that very point!

For researchers, Vizu Answers allows anyone to create polls and deliver them to targeted audiences by placing them on specific sites or groups of sites within the Vizu Answers network. The ability to select placement enables Vizu polls to generate answers from a highly targeted audience immediately. The Vizu Answers network features numerous popular topical blogs, blogging networks, and web sites, including diverse destinations like, DealBreaker (a Wall Street site), Hollywood Tuna (a celebrity site), and ALT 1040 (a Spanish language tech blog).

For websites, Vizu Answers gives webmasters and bloggers an innovative, reader-friendly way to monetize their pages. Until now, ads have been the primary source of revenue for web publishers, despite the clutter they often add to web pages. Vizu Answers introduces a brand new way for publishers to not only engage their readers, but to monetize their sites with a seamlessly integrated poll. Publishers set the rates at which they are willing to accept polls on their sites and share in the research revenue collected by Vizu Answers. Polls placed through Vizu Answers are targeted to the sites audience, so the poll becomes value-added content that readers want to interact with, while not taking readers off the site like ads do.

Vizu Answers is a fresh, new way for web publishers to make money while providing value to their readers, said Greg Stuart, former CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Stuart continues, By bringing more research online, Vizu Answers manages to radically cut the cost of market research for anyone who needs fast, proprietary answers.

About Vizu

Founded in 2005, Vizu is democratizing the market research industry by developing services that make online polling easy, accessible, and affordable to everyone. The companys premiere service, Vizu Answers (, combines a revolutionary market research technology with a vast network of web sites, offering highly targeted audiences to answer a wide variety of questions. Vizu Answers is also an innovative way for online publishers to monetize their site traffic in a reader friendly way. Vizu is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.


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