CopyTele Announces Development of Its Low Voltage Carbon Nanotube LVND Flat Panel Display

MELVILLE, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CopyTele, Inc. (OTCBB:COPY), announced today the development of engineering models of CopyTeles low voltage nanotube flat panel (LVND) display, utilizing carbon nanotubes (10,000 times smaller than a human hair) and proprietary low voltage color phosphors. The models demonstrate the ability to show images from computers by controlling the brightness of selected individual pixels utilizing CopyTeles carbon nanotube display technology. The 5.5 inch (diagonal) display has 960 x 234 pixels and utilizes a new memory-based active matrix thin film technology (AMTFT) with each pixel phosphor activated by electrons emitted by a proprietary carbon nanotube network located approximately 10 microns (1/10th of a human hair) from the pixels. As a result, each pixel phosphor brightness is controlled using only a maximum of 40 volts. The carbon nanotubes and proprietary color phosphors are precisely placed and separated utilizing CopyTeles proprietary nanotube and phosphor deposition technology. Some other characteristics of CopyTeles LVND display technology are as follows:

  • Proprietary vacuum, spacer, and rapid sealing technology to accommodate AMTFTs and thus obtain a display thickness of approximately 1/16th of an inch, thinner than LCD and PDP (plasma) displays.
  • The display matrix, carbon nanotubes, phosphors, and drivers are all on one substrate. A second substrate is utilized only to allow the display to be vacuumed.
  • A proprietary low voltage nanotube electron emission control system.
  • The ability to select and change brightness of each individual pixel within the AMTFT. It requires only 40 volts on each pixel phosphor to change the brightness from black to white. This compares to thousands of volts required for other video phosphor based displays.
  • Low power consumption is required to activate the whole display, and power is only consumed when a pixel is turned on. The display requires less than 1/5th the power required by an LCD.
  • Low power consumption that could potentially utilize rechargeable batteries to operate TV products for wireless applications.
  • Low power consumption could extend the battery operation time for portable devices.
  • The same basic display technology could potentially be utilized in various size applications, from hand-held to TV size displays.
  • Proprietary AMTFT matrix structure that could be produced utilizing the existing mass production facilities.
  • The display matches the positive performance characteristics of a cathode ray tube (CRT), including wide temperature range operation, wide viewing angle, high contrast, and video response time.
  • No display flicker by having memory in each pixel.
  • No pixel cross-talk.

CopyTele is continuing to optimize its LVND display technology performance including its reliability, size and potential cost.

CopyTeles principal operations include the development, production and marketing of its thin flat low voltage phosphor displays and the development, production and marketing of multi-functional encryption products, hardware and software based, that provide information security for domestic and international users over virtually every communication media. For additional information, visit CopyTeles website at

Forward-Looking Statements:

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