Asemblon Inc. Appoints Gordon Kuenster, Chairman of the Board of Directors

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Patrick A. Quarles, CEO and co-founder of Asemblon Inc., announced that Gordon B. Kuenster has been appointed Chairman of Asemblons Board of Directors.

Kuenster has a long history of developing technology companies, including ATL (now Phillips Ultrasound) and Seattle Silicon. He was a board member of the Washington Technology Center, and was Chairman of the Board of the Pacific Science Center. He was Chairman of the Board of UMD Technology, Inc. until September when it was merged with Antares Corp. The Puget Sound Business Journal identified UMD as the fastest growing company in the state of Washington in 2005.

Asemblon Inc. of Redmond, Washington, has an effective solution for the storage and distribution of hydrogen to enable the Hydrogen Economy. Hydrogen fuel reduces green house gases and is a major step on the road to energy independence.

Currently, hydrogen is stored using very low temperatures or very high pressure vessels or both. The Asemblon technology is the only process that allows the distribution of hydrogen using a liquid carrier which stores the hydrogen at ambient temperatures and pressure. The Company has named its proprietary liquid carrier HYDRNOL. For the first time hydrogen via HYDRNOL can be used with existing fuel infrastructure including storage tanks, pipelines, delivery trucks and service stations.

In a vehicle, hydrogen is liberated upon demand from HYDRNOL with a catalyst. The depleted HYDRNOL is collected and reloaded with hydrogen. The original carrier can be recycled scores of times.

Quarles stated, There are numerous applications for the Asemblon technology including some immediate applications. Hydrogen is the fuel used to power fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen internal combustion engines current and planned from Ford, Honda, Mazda and BMW. Trucks will initially utilize the Asemblon patented technology to augment diesel fuel to reduce emissions and increase efficiency and power. Electric utilities will be able to store hydrogen using the Asemblon technology for release as electrical power during peak demand periods. We sincerely believe that our technology can lead to energy independence.

On his appointment, Kuenster stated, I am very pleased to be a part of this exciting venture. The lack of a suitable method to store, transport, and release hydrogen is a serious impediment to developing a carbon-free economy. The Asemblon technology is the only method that I am aware of that solves that problem, and we believe that we will be able to make hydrogen cost competitive with fossil fuels.

About Asemblon Inc.

Asemblon is a specialty chemical company located in Redmond, WA. Asemblon synthesizes molecules used to produce self assembling monolayers for use in a variety of applications. Those applications include among others medicine, nanotechnology and molecular electronics. The Company has a patented process for the storage, transport and release of hydrogen developed as a result of its method of making self assembly molecules. Asemblon does not make hydrogen; it intends to license its proprietary processes and inventions to companies having the capability and infra-structure to apply them. The Company expects to derive its revenues from royalties from strategic partnerships it develops with those in the Hydrogen Economy.

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