Media Invitation: World Science Forum November 8-9 in New York City

World Science Forum

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Executives from around the world will convene in NYC for two days next week to discuss the impact of science on business at the first-ever World Science Forum, presented by HSM and Scientific American. This groundbreaking event brings together the worlds foremost experts and most forward-thinking business leaders to discuss how science, the driver of the next revolution in business, will affect their organizations and to learn strategies to compete in the increasingly science-driven world. Global Warming expert James Hansen, Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University Jeffrey D. Sachs, and Energy Adviser Amory Lovins are among the headliners at the forum.

“More and more the subject of a truly global media focus, science’s impact on business cannot be overstated”

The World Science Forum is the only event of its kind to bring the progressively visible topic of science to bear on business. More and more the subject of a truly global media focus, sciences impact on business cannot be overstated, says Carlos Rohm, CEO of HSM. Business leaders need to understand the potential for their companies to harness advances in the science and technology fields. The future of business is competing through science. Companies need to understand the full implicationsand opportunitiesof this.

Speakers and topics include:

James Hansen, Global Warming
Jeffrey D. Sachs, Sustainability
Amory Lovins, The Future of Energy

Stuart A. Kauffman, Complexity & Decision-making
Tom Leighton, Math & the New Skills
Paul Horn & John L. LaMattina, R&D
C.K. Prahalad, Science & Strategy

Mike Roco, Nanotech
Francis Collins, Biotech
Andrew Lippman, Encouraging Invention
Ray Kurzweil, Our Next 50 Years

Susan Greenfield, Our Brain and Its Superpowers
Marvin Minsky, Robotics and A.I.

Attendees include C-level executives from the foremost companies in the pharmaceutical, retail, business services, finance, and manufacturing industries, among others. Attendees will gain critical insight into the global impact of science and technology trends and challenges.

The program has been developed in partnership with Scientific American, United Technologies, Pfizer, The Wall Street Journal, MIT Sloan Management Review, and The New York Academy of Sciences.

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