LiftPort Group, the Space Elevator Companies, Unveils Its First Technical Road Map For Building An Elevator to Space

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--LiftPort Group, the space elevator companies, today announced that it has released the first technical road map to building the LiftPort Space Elevator, its revolutionary way for ferrying cargo and people into space.

“We started from nothing and asked, 'what absolutely must happen before the space elevator can be built?' and then worked up from there”

In its first iteration, with ongoing updates planned as research progresses, the LiftPort Road Map goes beyond previously published research reports and studies on the space elevator. According to LiftPort, the new road map brings a practical, engineering-based perspective to space elevator development, showing what steps need to be taken before it can finally be built.

This roadmap takes a more critical look than previous studies at not only what research needs to be done, but what tests need to be performed and what capabilities need to be demonstrated to the global community before we can proceed, said Michael Laine, president of LiftPort.

We started from nothing and asked, 'what absolutely must happen before the space elevator can be built?' and then worked up from there," said Tom Nugent, director of research for LiftPort.

This technical road map pushes back the completion date for the LiftPort Space Elevator. Before building the largest infrastructure system in history, we must first earn the public's trust in its safety. The successive engineering demonstrations to do that will take time, said Nugent.

According to LiftPort, the road map covers the technical side of building the LiftPort Space Elevator, and is not designed to address the social, political, financial and legal aspects of the project. One of our reasons for developing a public road map for the LiftPort Space Elevator is to serve as a foundation to engage other researchers, said Laine.

In addition to the road map, LiftPort has created an open resource that will enable students and researchers from around the world to join the growing space elevator community by helping to address the numerous outstanding questions facing the space elevator. This resource, called the LiftPort Space Elevator Questions Database, is open to everyone and is available at

A revolutionary way to send cargo into space, the LiftPort Space Elevator will consist of a carbon nanotube composite ribbon eventually stretching some 62,000 miles from earth to space. The LiftPort Space Elevator will be anchored to an offshore sea platform near the equator in the Pacific Ocean, and to a small man-made counterweight in space. Mechanical lifters are expected to move up and down the ribbon, carrying such items as people, satellites and solar power systems into space.

Headquartered in Bremerton, Wash., LiftPort Inc. is a privately held company dedicated to the development of the first commercial elevator to space. For more information, to sign up for a free subscription to the companys newsletter on the LiftPort Space Elevator, or to learn more about the companys new book LiftPort The Space Elevator: Opening Space to Everyone, visit at the companys web site at


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