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NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Starpharma Holdings Ltd. (ASX:SPL) (OTC:SPHRY) has enrolled in the unique shareholder empowerment platform administered by Investrend Communications, Inc., a provider of financial intelligence programs.

Benchmark research coverage will be initiated by analyst Mohammad Sharifzadeh, CFA, Ph.D., who is also lead analyst for Investrends nanotechnology sector research coverage commissioned by Cronus Capital Markets. Investrend Research is located on the web at, and the analysts qualifications are at

Starpharma uses dendrimer nanotechnology to discover, develop and commercialise pharmaceuticals to prevent and treat human illnesses.

Starpharma's lead product is VivaGel, a gel based formulation of a nano-pharmaceutical that is being developed as a vaginal microbicide to protect women from Sexually Transmitted Infections such as HIV and genital herpes. VivaGel has been successfully trialed under an Investigation New Drug (IND) in a Phase I clinical trial. Another human trial was initiated in August 2006, and further trials under INDs are planned for this year in the US, Africa and Australia.

VivaGel has been awarded US$20.3 million by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) to support its development for HIV. A second award has recently been made by the NIH to support the clinical development of VivaGel for the prevention of genital herpes, understood to be the first microbicide to receive NIH support for this indication. Animal data has also recently identified VivaGel as being a potent contraceptive. Beyond VivaGel's potential line extensions, such as a condom coating and a gel with additional indications, Starpharma's dendrimer technology is also being applied more widely in areas such as ophthalmology, cancer and diagnostics.

Along with the Dow Chemical Company, Starpharma is a significant shareholder in US-based Dendritic Nanotechnologies Inc. (DNT). DNT is commercialising dendrimers for industrial and medical applications and has a growing revenue stream from licensing agreements derived from its extensive intellectual property portfolio.

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Investrend Research has been the leading independent equity research publishing and distribution program since 1996, with over 75 qualified professional analysts posting more than 1,000 reports to date. Anyone may enroll a company in the Investrend platforms. Enrollment fees for the Benchmark research platform are $26,800, which is being paid by Cronus Capital Markets, a third party. Analysts are paid in advance for their initial reports by Investrend Research to limit or eliminate pecuniary interests, and no one associated with the program may own or trade in the equities of companies under coverage.

The company has also been enrolled in the shareholder-monitoring program by the Shareholders Research Alliance (, established to eliminate conflict and bias, and Investrend subscribes to the exacting Standards for Independent Research Providers at

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