BIOIDENT Technologies to Deliver Optoelectronic Lab-on-a-Chip Solutions for Mobile Diagnostics and Analysis; Company Opens U.S. Headquarters in Silicon Valley; Appoints Management Team

MENLO PARK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 18, 2006--BIOIDENT Technologies Inc., a leading company in the development of printed semiconductor-based photonic lab-on-a-chip solutions for life sciences, today announced it has opened its headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif. The company also announced that it has appointed two executives who bring deep expertise in nanotechnology, printed organic semiconductors and biophotonics to BIOIDENT -- Dr. Wasiq Bokhari, CEO and Dr. Max Sonnleitner, CTO.

BIOIDENT is the first and only company to leverage printed optoelectronics and microfluidics to create a new class of photonic lab-on-a-chip systems, which enable real-time, multi-parameter detection and analysis capability for mobile field, diagnostic and point of care applications. BIOIDENT's lab-on-a-chip systems will be used for mobile water and food analysis, chemical and biological agent detection and in-vitro diagnostics. These combined markets currently represent a $2 billion addressable opportunity for BIOIDENT.

“BIOIDENT's new PhotonicLab Platform further specializes available NANOIDENT technology, enabling completely new mass markets for mobile analytics and mobile diagnostics.”

Also announced today, BIOIDENT's PhotonicLab Platform(TM) (see related release) will serve as the foundation for this new class of lab-on-a-chip systems with integrated on-chip photonic readout capabilities. The novel platform eliminates the need for external, expensive and bulky readout systems, enabling mobile analytics and diagnostics, immediate test results and a significant cost savings. These breakthrough lab-on-a-chip systems will also analyze multiple test parameters with a single chip in real time, substantially increasing testing efficiencies.

"BIOIDENT technology represents the ideal marriage of printed organic optoelectronic components and microfluidics, which will dramatically transform mobile diagnostic and in-field analysis applications," said Dr. Wasiq Bokhari, CEO for BIOIDENT. "For companies that provide analysis and diagnostic systems, BIOIDENT's unique technology platform can address multiple applications, saving time and money for manufacturers and end customers."

BIOIDENT is a subsidiary of NANOIDENT Technologies AG, the technology leader in the development and manufacture of organic semiconductor-based photonic solutions. NANOIDENT's divisions include NANOIDENT ORGANIC FAB, GmbH and NANOIDENT Biometrics, GmbH. NANOIDENT's extremely fast manufacturing process uses liquid conductive and semiconductive materials to print optoelectronic circuits on almost any surface using inkjet printing, producing products in minutes for both prototype and high volume applications.

"Early on, we recognized the impact that NANOIDENT technology could have for device manufacturers in the life sciences market. By forming a dedicated subsidiary in the U.S., we further the proliferation of NANOIDENT technology globally with the specific resources and expertise required for life sciences," said Klaus G. Schroeter, CEO, NANOIDENT Technologies AG. "BIOIDENT's new PhotonicLab Platform further specializes available NANOIDENT technology, enabling completely new mass markets for mobile analytics and mobile diagnostics."

BIOIDENT Executive Team Members

Dr. Wasiq Bokhari, CEO

As CEO of BIOIDENT, Dr. Wasiq Bokhari will oversee BIOIDENT's growth strategy as well as work to form new customer and partner relationships.

Dr. Bokhari brings extensive entrepreneurial experience in adoption and commercialization of emerging materials and nanotechnology to BIOIDENT. Bokhari is a co-founder and Managing Partner of Quantum Insight, where he works with Fortune 500 and early-stage companies in the areas of life sciences, energy and semiconductor applications. He serves as a business advisor to Chevron and is part of the team that has built and grown Molecular Diamond Technologies, a new nano-materials focused business unit. He also serves as a strategic advisor to Hitachi in the areas of emerging life sciences, electronics and energy applications. He was part of the founding team and interim CEO of Kalinex Inc., a drug discovery instrumentation company. He was also part of the founding team and senior vice president of products at Clickmarks, an enterprise infrastructure software company, subsequently acquired.

Dr. Bokhari received his Ph.D. in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, under Nobel Laureate Jerome Friedman. He was part of the team that discovered the top quark at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in 1995. He is a frequent business speaker, an author of more than 50 scientific publications, and is cited as an inventor on eight patents, granted and applied. He is also the chairman of the MIT Stanford UC Berkeley Nanotechnology Forum and has worked with PCAST on issues related to energy.

Dr. Max Sonnleitner, CTO

As CTO of BIOIDENT, Dr. Sonnleitner will continue to develop the core technology to support emerging application areas.

Prior to joining BIOIDENT, Dr. Max Sonnleitner served as vice president R&D Life Science of NANOIDENT AG. He is recognized worldwide as a specialist in the fields of fluorescence microscopy and biophotonics and renowned for his profound knowledge of various microscopy techniques and biochip readout technologies.

As vice president R&D of NANOIDENT's Life Science Division, Dr. Sonnleitner was responsible for the adoption of organic semiconductor technologies to biophotonic applications. Dr. Sonnleitner studied physics at the Kepler University, in Linz, Austria, specializing in biophysics. After receiving his doctorate at the Institute for Biophysics, Sonnleitner managed the Ultrasensitive Fluorescence Microscopy/Device Development division at the newly founded Center for Biomedical Nanotechnology at the UAR (Upper Austrian Research) for four years. Dr. Sonnleitner is well published, having authored more than 20 publications in the field.

About BIOIDENT Technologies, Inc.

BIOIDENT is the technology leader in the development of printed semiconductor-based photonic lab-on-a-chip solutions for the life science market. The company's core technology utilizes the latest breakthroughs in science and nanotechnology to create the BIOIDENT PhotonicLab Platform(TM). The BIOIDENT Platform is used to produce the world's first disposable photonic lab-on-a-chip solutions for next generation mobile analytics applications such as water and food analysis, chemical and biological agent detection, and personal or in-the-field diagnostics.

BIOIDENT is a subsidiary of Austrian-based NANOIDENT Technologies AG. BIOIDENT is privately held with headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif. BIOIDENT leverages NANOIDENT's Photonic Solutions Platform(TM) technology and its extremely fast manufacturing process, which uses liquid conductive and semiconductive materials to print electronic circuits on almost any surface using an inkjet printer. For more information about BIOIDENT, please visit


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