MIVT's Bio-Compatible Medical Coating Technologies Featured in Fortune 500 Nanotechnology Special Report; Business Magazine Spotlights Plan to Commercialize Proprietary Device Coatings for $160 Billion Drug Delivery Marketplace

VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 10, 2006--MIV Therapeutics (OTCBB:MIVT)(FWB:MIV), a leading developer of next-generation biocompatible coatings and advanced drug delivery systems for cardiovascular stents and other implantable medical devices, has been featured in the current issue of FORTUNE 500 Magazine, in a special section that highlights the substantial promise of its nanotechnology-based implant coating applications.

In the FORTUNE 500 article, MIVT biomedical technologies and potential medical applications are described in detail. These include the Company's ultra-thin biocompatible and polymer-free coating for vascular stents. As the article explains, traditional polymer coatings on stents that release anti-inflammatory drugs have been prone to adverse reactions as the body's immune systems respond defensively to their presence.

“Development of Novel Drug Eluting Composite Coatings for Cardiovascular Stents”

MIVT senior officers including CEO Alan Lindsay are also quoted in the article, regarding the medical need and commercial opportunities of the Company's unique and proprietary implant coating technologies. The firm is committed to the development of a variety of applications for implanted drug delivery devices and other applications for therapeutic purposes. The Company's unique patented drug-delivery nanotechnologies will target the estimated $160 billion marketplace for localized drug delivery systems.

MIVT is a sponsor of the Fortune 500 special section on nanotechnology. The article can also be viewed online by visiting such websites as www.CNNMoney.com and http://www.ianano.org/Fortune-Nanotech.pdf.

About MIV Therapeutics Inc.

MIV Therapeutics is developing a next-generation line of advanced biocompatible coatings for passive and drug-eluting applications on cardiovascular stents and a broad range of other implantable medical devices. The Company's ultra-thin coating formulation is designed to protect surrounding tissue from potentially harmful interactions with bare metallic stents. The Company's unique ultra-thin coating platform is derived from an organic material called hydroxyapatite (HAp) which has demonstrated excellent safety and biocompatibility in vivo animal studies. Hydroxyapatite is a bioactive porous material that makes up the bone mineral and matrix of teeth and is widely used today as a bone substitute material and for coatings on implantable fixation devices in orthopedic, dental and other applications. The Company's novel polymer-free drug eluting technologies based on Hydroxyapatite could also provide an attractive alternative to current polymer-based drug eluting coatings on the stent market, which have been associated with undesirable medical effects. The Company's drug eluting coatings are additionally designed to suit a broad range of implantable medical devices that could benefit from highly customizable drug release profiles. MIVT has a Collaborative Research Agreement (CRA) with the University of British Columbia and has received Government grant for its research program on the "Development of Novel Drug Eluting Composite Coatings for Cardiovascular Stents," under the National Research Council-Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP). Under this sponsorship, the Company is expected to complete its drug-eluting research and development program and to reach product commercialization stage. For more information, please visit http://www.trilogy-capital.com/tcp/mivt/website.html. To read or download MIV Therapeutics' Investor Fact Sheet, visit http://www.trilogy-capital.com/tcp/mivt/factsheet.html. To obtain daily and historical Company stock quote data, and recent Company news releases, visit http://www.trilogy-capital.com/tcp/html/mivt.htm. MIVT is traded on the Frankfurt, Germany, stock exchange under the symbol MIV.

Forward-Looking Statements

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