Invites Topic Experts to Join the PreFound Community in Exchange for Ad Revenue; Social Search Engine Introduces New Business Model, Sharing Advertising Revenue with Customers

LEXINGTON, Ky.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 16, (, a community-oriented search engine that searches what people found, tagged, and shared with the community, including multimedia such as video, MP3 files, and podcasts, announced today that it will begin sharing revenue with topic experts to provide the most relevant and up-to-date information on specific topics of interest to the community. PreFound's "Featured Finders" will benefit from the international exposure as domain experts as well as receive 100% of the advertising revenue that their individual pages generate.

Topic experts interested in participating in the Featured Finders program should visit to apply.

“Further, advertisers are anxious to take advantage of targeting large groups of users that are all interested in common products and services, which provides.”

The advertising revenue will come in the form of Google Adsense and will be paid directly to each Featured Finder from Google. The amount of revenue derived will depend on traffic to each Featured Finder's page and prevailing fee amounts paid by Google Adsense.

Approved Featured Finders will be brought into the community as topic experts, lending their expertise in the form of noteworthy content on their specific topic areas. Searchers will be able to visit each expert's page and view the Featured Finder's PreFound selections. Featured Finders will be responsible for finding, tagging, and sharing organized sets of links and annotations on their expert topic areas that they have found on the Web and want to share with the community.

"Our plan is to reward experts in their fields along with regular users who've proven they can share useful and popular material. By elevating them to Featured Finder status and giving them the advertising revenue produced by their pages, it's a win-win for everyone," said Steve Mansfield, CEO of iLOR, LLC and's member pages contain organized groups of links sorted by topic and sub-topic, making them very usable to people interested in a given subject. By offering the payout to qualified, high quality Finders, provides a content-rich platform that is more valuable to the typical user and ensures a potential for significant payouts to its Featured Finders. Plus, it offers an incentive for typical users to share quality, organized link groups so that they can qualify to become paid Featured Finders as well.

"Paying people to search and share what they've found is a concept that's gaining in popularity. Community and social search is the wave of the future, but these types of sites need to quickly build high-quality, human-indexed content, and their members are looking for the motivation to participate in this effort," said Mansfield. "Further, advertisers are anxious to take advantage of targeting large groups of users that are all interested in common products and services, which provides." will also introduce site upgrades and improvements next week that give users the ability to manually post their tagged links with the community, as well as import existing links from (with Yahoo MyWeb 2.0 and Furl following closely after that), all without a download. Subsequent to these enhancements, RSS feeds from the Featured Finders pages and user pages will be implemented.

About PreFound is a community-based search engine that helps people search for information other people have already found about their topic. lets searchers leverage the work already done by others and build on that base rather than start from scratch. features patented technology that enables its members ("Finders") to tag and organize information they find on the Internet and share this information with others. is unique in that its interface is accessible to virtually anyone and its navigation and data gathering tool, PFfinder, is a next-generation technology for social information sharing that can be utilized by users anywhere on the web. This patented technology enables users to find the information they need by cutting through the clutter that a typical search engine returns. PreFound adds a human element by utilizing the community of knowledgeable, interested people who can identify relevant sites with greater accuracy than more traditional search engines. is the core search product of iLOR, LLC. Founded in 2000 by Steve Mansfield, Director and Jimmy Hamilton, Chairman. iLOR, LLC, is privately held and based in Lexington, Kentucky. For more information, visit or call (859) 277-2622.


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