Nanomix Receives Two Additional U.S. Patents in Hydrogen Energy Storage

EMERYVILLE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 9, 2006--Nanomix Inc., a leading nanotechnology company commercializing a line of nanoelectronic sensors for industrial and biomedical applications, today announced that it was issued two additional U.S. patents. The new patents are related to hydrogen storage technology and follow three earlier patents issued to Nanomix in this field. Efficient, safe, high-density hydrogen storage is critical to realizing the promise of practical and cost-effective energy from the emerging fuel cell industry. The new technology avoids the current limitations of liquid hydrogen storage. Using novel nano-materials, Nanomix technology advances hydrogen storage systems to meet the performance needs of automotive and portable electronic applications.

"We are pleased with our growing patent portfolio related to hydrogen storage technology," said David Macdonald, President and CEO of Nanomix. "These advancements allow hydrogen to be stored at lower pressure than conventional methods, resulting in safe and effective energy systems. We are currently seeking industrial partners for the continued development of commercial and automotive hydrogen energy systems based on our patented technologies."

“We are pleased with our growing patent portfolio related to hydrogen storage technology”

These are the fourth and fifth patents issued (US No. 6,986,258 issued January 17, 2006 and US No. 6,991,773 issued January 31, 2006) in a group of patents comprising the Nanomix hydrogen storage portfolio. The patent describes the storage of hydrogen using novel nanostructured materials that permit non-chemically-bound low-pressure storage of hydrogen. The system employs a combination of thermal insulation and an enclosure for the storage and controlled distribution of hydrogen as a high-energy fuel. This can address storage life limitations, energy penalties, and/or weight penalties associated with liquid hydrogen, metallic hydride and high-pressure gas-phase hydrogen storage.

About Nanomix

Nanomix is a leading nanotechnology company launching a portfolio of devices based on Sensation(TM) detection technology. These scaleable, nanoelectronic devices use ultra-sensitive carbon nanotube sensing elements combined with proprietary chemistries. These devices can be deployed across a broad range of industrial and medical applications where the attributes of nanodetection technology -- low power consumption, small form factor, and high sensitivity offer significant performance advantages and enable unprecedented access to critical information. Nanomix is located in Emeryville, California. For additional information, please visit the Nanomix web site at


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