Podtrac Opens for Ad Sales and Starts First Podcast On-Line Advertising Auction


  On-line Auction Will Help Determine Ad Rates for the Podcasting Market and Now Podtrac Advertising Services Include Detailed Demographic Profiles, Online Media Kits and Customized Media Planning  

“With its third party measurement technology, expert demographic profiles, deep understanding of podcasting and experienced advertising team, Podtrac is well positioned to meet the needs of advertisers and agencies”

Podtrac, a leader in connecting podcasters and advertisers, today announced the availability of the first on-line advertising auction to determine ad rates for the podcasting market. Podtrac also announced that beginning today, advertisers and advertising agencies can buy advertisements in individual podcasts from Podtrac. To facilitate ad sales, Podtrac offers customized podcast media plans, access to Podtrac Demographic Profiles and Podtrac Media Kits. The combined ad offerings give the advertising industry, for the first time, the services they need to include podcasting in their advertising and media strategies.

"Both Podtrac's individual podcast advertising buys and podcast advertising auction will assist the market in determining the ad rates for podcasting, which is a market barrier to date, because podcasters and advertisers can not plan advertising, revenues, or expenses without rates," said Mark McCrery, Podtrac's Co-Founder and CEO. "Advertisers need predictability as they plan to reach consumers and business decision makers through the highly targeted podcast medium."

Online Auction for Representative Podcasts Begins Today

Advertising positions for three top-ranked iTunes podcasts will be auctioned beginning today. They include a leading technology podcast This Week in Technology and leading entertainment podcasts MuggleCast and Josh & Japan. The online auction starts today and will end on March 31, 2006. Media Kits for these podcasts are available as a result of the Podtrac Survey to their individual podcast audiences. The Podtrac Survey was developed in conjunction with Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) Global, the largest custom research organization in the world and Mediamark Inc. (MRI), a leading provider of research data to advertisers and advertising agencies.

"With its third party measurement technology, expert demographic profiles, deep understanding of podcasting and experienced advertising team, Podtrac is well positioned to meet the needs of advertisers and agencies," said McCrery. "In this rapidly evolving medium, advertisers and advertising agencies can rely on Podtrac's expert advice to help wade through podcast advertising options, formats, content, and rates, and make the best media buys and advertising decisions for their brands."

Participation from Hundreds of Leading Podcasts and Top Podcast Networks

Podtrac also announced that hundreds of leading podcasts and top podcast networks are available to advertisers through Podtrac. Leading podcasts include those currently or recently in the iTunes Top 100 such as: Channel Frederator, Comedy 365, Distorted View, Escape Pod, Flash TV, French Maid TV, IndieFeed, Inside Mac, MuggleCast, Josh in Japan, Next Big Hit, This Week in Tech, VOD Cars and more.

Podtrac also announced partnerships with largest podcast networks including: Association of Music Podcasting, Technology Podcast Network, and the Teen Podcast Network.

"Broad podcast participation means advertisers have a one-stop solution to expert podcast services including: podcast media planning, buying, ad delivery and reporting," said Robert Freeland, co-Founder and CTO of Podtrac. "Podtrac has the knowledge and methodology to expertly connect advertisers with targeted and relevant podcasts, while protecting the podcast listening and viewing experience."

Podtrac's Advertising Approach to Podcasters

-- Obtain fair advertising market rates

-- Secure relevant advertisers

-- Be respectful of the podcast listening and viewing experience

-- Provide ad formats that are consist with individual podcasts

-- Provide advertisers with the media files or RSS/XML file or the website, regardless of the hosting location

-- Will not control or limit customization elements of podcasts

-- Provide a pricing model that maximizes podcaster revenue

-- Will not alter podcasts by automatic ad insertion

-- Will not lock podcasters into long contracts

-- Will make podcast advertising easy

Podtrac's Advertising Approach to Advertisers

-- Provide the most advanced thinking when it comes to podcast advertising

-- Provide the necessary technology to measure and deliver podcast advertising

-- Develop podcast advertising strategies to meet the advertising objectives of advertisers and advertising agencies

-- Obtain fair advertising market rates

How Advertisers Get Started

Advertisers register at Podtrac and then have access to the advertising area including podcast demographic profiles and Podtrac Media Kits. To participate in the online auction or to receive a free media plan, advertisers should contact Podtrac.

How Podcasters Gain Access to Advertising

Podcasters register with Podtrac and then review and agree to Podtrac's Advertising Terms & Conditions. Podcasters complete their Podtrac Profile, and then Podtrac will make the podcast available to the global advertising industry.

About Podtrac

Podtrac's new services for podcasters and advertisers provide the first complete system for podcast advertising insertion and podcast measurement. Podtrac is privately held with headquarters in Washington D.C. and an office in New York. For more information contact Podtrac at: www.podtrac.com.

Podtrac's Free Podcaster and Advertiser Services

Podtrac Demographics in Conjunction with Mediamark Inc. (MRI), the country's leading provider of magazine audience and multimedia research data for publishers, agencies and advertisers, brings the same demographic research that advertisers have in traditional media to podcast media.

Podtrac Audience Insights(SM) Survey provides every podcaster with a web-survey designed to collect the demographic and behavioral profiles of individual podcast audiences.

Podtrac Measurement Service provides third-party measurement of any podcast.

Podtrac Media Kits include a podcast profile, Podcast Audience Survey results, and Podtrac Measurement Reports data.

Podtrac Content Rating System enables podcasters to self-rate their content based on five categories: All, Parental Control, Explicit, Graphic Violence or Pornographic. Podtrac provides audience feedback tools to monitor content ratings.


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