Divorce Filings to Spike after New Years Says Bev Pekala, America's Divorce Handicapper

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 15, 2005--With a seasonal rate 30% higher than the rest of the year, many Americans won't be having a happy new year when they receive a divorce petition from their soon to be estranged spouse in January 2006, says Beverly Pekala, author of "Don't Settle for Less: A Guide to Divorce." We're now in the busiest time of year for divorce attorneys because spouses are doing their holiday shopping for a lawyer" says Pekala, whom the media have dubbed "America's Divorce Handicapper."

"Divorce is planned prior to the holidays and executed after the first," offers Pekala. She states that many people don't want to rock the family boat during what is typically a festive time of year, out of deference to children, extended families and personal reputations. There are also psychological considerations of making the first of the year a fresh start.

“While all divorce lawyers know the answer to that question, who do you think use these tactics more often?”

Pekala states that many filers are not so altruistic: "People wait to file for many reasons. Some say they waited all year for their Christmas trip to Aspen, or that they've earned the trinket that'll be under the tree, so, why not wait and drop the papers after the first. Others want to share in the year-end bonus and other perks their spouse will receive. December and January are critical times when there's potential access to additional important financial information, like W-2's and 1099's, and, of course, bonuses and tax refunds received after the first can also be used to fund a divorce," she says.

The $10,000 question revolves around which gender is seen most frequently at the lawyer's office in December. Pekala responds as one might expect from a lawyer representing husbands and wives: "While all divorce lawyers know the answer to that question, who do you think use these tactics more often?"

Beverly A. Pekala is principal of the Law Offices of Beverly A. Pekala, P.C., a leading Chicago-based law practice, specializing in family law and litigation. Pekala is the well-known author of "Don't Settle for Less: A Guide to Getting a Fair Divorce & Custody Settlement," published by Doubleday in 1996, for the non-lawyer, and has hosted of "The Family Law Hour," on Chicago's Super Station, WCKG Radio 105.9 FM. Pekala is a frequent guest expert on radio and television, including the Today Show and CNN. She has taught family law and business law, and has more than twenty years experience in litigation focusing on financial and business issues. Pekala is known nationally for her successful representation of clients in cases such as Curran v Bozze, which drew nationwide attention as a case of first impression. Pekala has participated in negotiations for a book and television movie based on her representation of a battered woman who was stalked by her former husband and whose failed attempt to murder her was captured on film by the FBI. http://www.beverlypekala.com


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