Nanosphere, Inc. Awarded U.S. Patent for Biobarcode(Tm) Ultra-sensitive Protein Detection Technology

NORTHBROOK, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 15, 2005--

  Fundamental Ultra-sensitive Protein Detection Patent further Distinguishes Nanosphere's Exceptionally Strong Portfolio of Technologies for the Molecular Diagnostics Industry  

“Our focus at Nanosphere is to continuously leverage the power of our nanotechnology platform to bring sophisticated diagnostic and discovery products to the health care and life sciences industries”

Nanosphere, Inc., a nanotechnology-based molecular diagnostics company, today announced the company's Biobarcode(TM) technology has been awarded patent number 6,974,669 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Biobarcode(Tm) technology promises to accomplish for protein detection what PCR has for nucleic acid detection and genomics. Biobarcode(Tm) enables the detection of proteins in specimens with sensitivity several orders of magnitude greater than is possible with current leading technologies including ELISA or mass spectrometry. Ultra-sensitive protein detection technology will enable development of not only new clinical uses for existing biomarkers but also the development of diagnostic tests for previously undetectable biomarkers apparent in many diseases. This technology will enable much earlier detection of cancers (ovarian, prostate, pancreatic, etc.) and neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer's, etc.), as well as enable the identification of patients prone to cardiovascular death that are presently missed in diagnosis. In addition, previously undetected and uncorrelated biomarkers may be developed for both drug development and diagnostic purposes.

For the first time, readily usable, cost-effective, ultra-sensitive protein detection technology will be widely available in a desktop instrument. Today, the only option for sensitive protein detection technology is mass spectrometry, which requires cost-prohibitive, physically immense systems and Ph.D.-level researchers to operate. These constraints effectively restrict ultra-sensitive protein detection to only the largest and best-funded medical centers and research institutes.

"Our focus at Nanosphere is to continuously leverage the power of our nanotechnology platform to bring sophisticated diagnostic and discovery products to the health care and life sciences industries," said William Moffitt, president and CEO, Nanosphere, Inc. "Today's patent on Biobarcode(Tm) serves to further solidify this core tenant, and enables us to directly address the needs of today, and create the diagnostic and discovery tools of the future."

The biobarcode (TM) technology was developed by researchers at Northwestern University, including Dr. Chad Mirkin, professor of chemistry and director of the school's Institute for Nanotechnology. The company has licensed exclusive rights from Northwestern to existing inventions involving nanoparticle probes and certain other technology developments in the area of biodiagnostics.

The Biobarcode(TM) patent brings the number of U.S. patents Nanosphere holds to 43 and the company has more than one hundred applications pending. In fact, earlier this year consulting firm 1790 Analytics LLC ranked Nanosphere's intellectual property portfolio second in the nanotechnology industry. Only Hewlett-Packard was ranked higher than Nanosphere, indicating the outstanding quality and promise of Nanosphere's intellectual property.

About Nanosphere, Inc.

Nanosphere is redefining molecular diagnostics with a nanotechnology-based platform that will enable earlier detection and treatment of disease. The company's ultra-sensitive protein detection and direct genomic testing technologies permit the development of new biomarkers and measurement of existing biomarkers at concentrations undetectable by today's diagnostic technologies. The Verigene(R) System's simplicity, ease of use and low cost allow customers to perform molecular diagnostic testing in virtually any setting. Nanosphere is privately held and based in Northbrook, Ill. Additional information is available at


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