Magnetic Poetry Sparks Creativity - and Smiles - with Gifts for Everyone on Your List

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MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 19, 2005--Whether shopping for your hard-to-buy-for grandchild, or for your already-has-everything sister, brother, Mom, or Dad, Magnetic Poetry has the answer, with affordable, fun gifts that spark creativity, spread grins and are a welcome respite from the thousands of products that flash bright lights and make loud sounds.

"This year, give a gift that requires imagination and not batteries," said Dave Kapell, company founder. "Whether the people on your list are young or old, creative or creatively-challenged, Magnetic Poetry has something just for them that's fun, won't add to the noise of the season and can be enjoyed 365 days a year."

“This year, give a gift that requires imagination and not batteries”

Known for making refrigerator poets out of millions of people, Magnetic Poetry has a host of new products, including new ways to wax poetic using magnetized words, as well as products for craft and decorating projects. So, whether you're buying for a pet lover, golfer, book lover, food and wine connoisseur, scrapbooker, movie buff, or teenager, Magnetic Poetry has the perfect solution. Check out the ideas below and at for something for everyone on your list.


Haiku - For any Mom who could use a little more zen (and a little less carpooling) in her life. And that's, well, most Moms. (SRP, $9.95.)

Letter Stamp Kits -Use these for signs, scrapbooks, furniture, walls, anything she wants to add words to! The Letter Stamp kit includes 70 1-1/2" upper and lower case letter stamps, plus punctuation and numbers. (SRP, $19.95.) The Classic Letter Stamp kit includes 42 3/4" upper case letter stamps, plus punctuation and numbers. (SRP, $14.95.)

Word Stamp Kits - Great for handmade cards, invitations (from baby showers to wine tastings), and other craft projects. The kits, complete with inkpad and storage tin, come in five different categories: family and friends; dates and seasons; holidays and events; love and romance; and vacation and travel. (SRP, $19.95.)


Genius - Comes with really big words and a little dictionary. Especially good to give Dad just before you ask if you can borrow money or get an increase in your allowance. (SRP, $9.95.)

Wine Lover - The perfect gift for dads who know their chardonnay from their zinfandel. (SRP, $9.95.)

Rock & Roll - For those of us with hip Dads. Or, for those of us with Dads who THINK they're hip. (Cut him some slack. Some day we're going to be old, too.) (SRP, $9.95.)


Mixed-Up Movie Lines - For the college kid who just completed an intensive cinema studies course - or maybe for one who has been busy watching movies when she should be studying. (SRP, $9.95.)

College Edition - This is the perfect gift for erudite liberal arts majors, as well as for engineers who, ah, sometimes need help communicating. (SRP, $9.95.)

Mixed-Up Pick-Up Lines - Hey, you gotta try them out some place, right? And, if you get the cold shoulder, heck, it's only the refrigerator. (SRP, $9.95.)


T-Shirt Printing Kit - Everything he needs to create a custom t-shirt: sturdy upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and punctuation in 160-point font along with six colors of fabric paint and two brushes. Just add T-shirt. (SRP, $19.95.)

Freaky Faces - Remember when Mom said not to hold your face that way because it might just stay that way? Well, here's a chance to try out LOTS of strange looks - without the repercussions. Use Magnetic Poetry's Freaky Faces tiles to add alien eyes, vampire teeth and other looks to your favorite photo. (SRP, $14.95.)


Poetry Beads - Create wearable, changeable word necklaces, bracelets, anklets or wherever else you wear jewelry these days. Contains 76 beads (each with a different word on each side), decorative accent beads, 10 feet of silky lanyard material and a storage tube. (SRP, $9.95.)

Creativity Journal - Just the write stuff to unleash the budding author or encourage the reluctant writer. Every page features a writing activity designed to inspire. Includes 165 word magnets, magnetic play surface and comes in two different cover designs. (SRP, $14.95.)


Adventure StoryMaker - Action! Adventure! Kids create exciting stories using magnetic phrases about sharks, monsters and everything in between. (SRP, $14.95.)

First Words - This kit was created with the help of teachers and features big sized word magnets for kids ages 4 and over. (SRP, $14.95.)

Magnetic Poetry is available at Borders Books & Music, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, and thousands of specialty retailers nationwide. For other creative gift ideas see or call 1/800-370-7697.

Editor's note: Product samples, photos and interviews with company founder Dave Kapell are available upon request by calling Joyce Johannson at (612) 927-4543.


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