David R. Keenan, President / CEO of Nanoscience Technologies, Inc. Interviews with WallSt.net

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 18, 2005--Nanoscience Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:NANS) President and CEO, David R. Keenan, was interviewed by WallSt.net. WallSt.net is an active web based reporter of publicly traded companies and supports an in-depth financial information and news based website. To access this webcast, sign on to http://www.WallSt.net, complete the free registration and access the interview in the OTCBB section.

The interview focused on the Company's technology and its market strategy. When asked to identify the Company's target market, Mr. Keenan responded by stating, "Established companies who are embracing nanotechnology as part of their roadmap." He went on to say, "It is very timely and a great opportunity for companies to begin now to learn and adopt this manufacturing approach to be prepared to bring products to market by 2010." Mr. Keenan addressed his career in technology transfer and market development in the tech sector, and feels the licensed processes and nanotechnology assembly tools to be offered by Nanoscience Technology, Inc. will provide partner companies the gateway to the future.

“Established companies who are embracing nanotechnology as part of their roadmap.”

About Nanoscience Technologies, Inc. The Company holds exclusive license rights to technology developed by New York University's (NYU) 'Seeman Laboratory' headed by Dr. Nadrian C. Seeman, the inventor of DNA-based nanoscience. Dr. Seeman is one of the foremost and recognized world leaders in DNA nanoscience research today and has been the recipient of many scientific awards. He is one of an elite few ever to be awarded the internationally prestigious Feynman Prize which he received in 1995.

Structural DNA nanotechnology seeks to exploit the architectural properties of DNA with the ultimate goal of organizing matter in three dimensions. Pharmaceutical development, nano-electronics and the creation of new materials are among the initiatives and potential applications of this research. Nanoscience Technologies, Inc. now holds exclusive licensing rights to a portfolio of intellectual property from the Seeman Laboratory that has either been granted, filed, or pending. The primary building block of the Seeman Laboratory is using the DNA construct which is believed to be the best platform to achieve the systems and processes necessary to deliver nanotechnology products in many commercial arenas globally.

For a complete transcript of this release please go to the Nanoscience Technologies, Inc. company website at: http://www.nanoscience-tech.com


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