PSI-TEC Draws University of Delaware Professor to Advisory Board; Will Be Contributing Factor In The Success of Company's Final Developmental Stage Of Revolutionary Electro-Optic Polymer

WILMINGTON, Del.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 15, 2005--PSI-TEC Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of PSI-TEC Holdings, Inc. (Pink Sheets:PTHO), a technology company developing chemical-based (polymer) materials for broadband telecommunication and military applications, announced that Dr. Joseph Fox, head of the Fox Research Group within the University of Delaware Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, has agreed to join PSI-TEC's Science and Commercialization Board of Advisors (SCBA).

The advisory material and chemical expertise of Dr. Joseph Fox, his associates and the University of Delaware are expected by PSI-TEC scientists and management to greatly accelerate the development and commercialization of PSI-TEC's breakthrough electro-optic material designs. PSI-TEC's molecularly-engineered materials are the basis of the company's revolutionary electro-optic technology product strategies for the commercial telecom, RF, micro-electronic interconnect and high-speed computer marketplaces.

“Our approach to materials chemistry is to use sophisticated design principles and reaction chemistry to prepare new types of successful matter”

"Our approach to materials chemistry is to use sophisticated design principles and reaction chemistry to prepare new types of successful matter," states the Fox Group website. "Our goal is to control the shapes of new materials with the same level of precision that we exercise when controlling the stereo chemical relationships in a natural products synthesis. The precise molecular engineering of materials (nanotechnology) is a quintessential component in the emergence of PSI-TEC's high-tech product line."

PSI-TEC's alliance with the Fox Group is another milestone in suggesting that PSI-TEC's materials may exhibit an unprecedented degree of photo-oxidative stability, the single most important material requirement for the widespread application of low cost electro-optic plastics in future high-speed worldwide Internet, telephonic and satellite networks. Expanding their relationship with the support of the Fox Group follows the announcement of bringing on Dr. C.C. Teng, world-renowned expert in the field of molecular material engineering, and the company's recent acquisition of Mr. Ron Genova as Interim CEO, previously Vice President and General Manager of JDSU's Telecom Optical Modules business unit.

"The University of Delaware is recognized as the preeminent chemical engineering institution in the country and has close ties to DuPont, one of the most prominent companies in the field of polymer chemistry and commercialization," stated Mr. Frederick Goetz, Jr., President of PSI-TEC Corporation. "An association with chemical and material experts within Delaware not only makes logical sense, but I believe has always been an inevitable step in our corporate expansion."

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PSI-TEC Corporation is a developmental stage company that engineers next-generation electro-optic (EO) plastics for future applications vital to modern commerce, homeland security and medical technology. PSI-TEC's proprietary electro-optic plastics are produced at the molecular level for superior performance, stability and cost-efficiency and are expected to replace more expensive, lower-performance materials used in fiber-optic ground, wireless and satellite communication networks. For more information regarding PSI-TEC's mission, management and technology visit us at

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