Semiconductor Insights: iRiver H10 Recognized as Best MP3 Player Technology

OTTAWA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 24, 2005--Semiconductor Insights (SI), the leader in technical and patent analyses of integrated circuits and electronic systems, today announced that it has awarded iRiver's 5GB H10 MP3 Player the 2005 INSIGHT Award for Best MP3 Player Technology. "MP3 players are to music today, what digital cameras were to photography a few years back", said Edward Keyes, Vice President and CTO for SI. "Integration of MP3 functionality into other handheld devices, such as cell phones and PDAs, has begun, but stand alone players still account for a large majority of the market."

Recent SI teardown analysis of the iRiver H10 shows distinct technical advantages over other competitors. It is easy to use and interface with a PC. From a component point of view, the H10 integrates the best components with PortalPlayer and Wolfson Micro to provide the audio. Samsung and Silicon Storage Technologies provide the memory necessary to store the music. There are no unnecessary components that increase the bill of material cost. Additional functionality, such as FM radio and voice recording add to the convenience.

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“MP3 players are to music today, what digital cameras were to photography a few years back”


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