Konarka Recruits Recognized Leader in Polymer Electronics to Head Product Development

LOWELL, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 27, 2005--Konarka Technologies, Inc., an innovator in developing and commercializing power plastics that convert light to energy, today announced Dr. Stuart Spitzer joined the Company as vice president, materials and engineering. In his role, he will lead product development for Konarka's light-activated power plastic.

"Dr. Spitzer is a seasoned technologist, who has led successful product development programs at both start-up operations and global technology companies," said Howard Berke, chairman and chief executive officer, Konarka. "As Konarka continues to grow and transform into a worldwide commercial operation, Dr. Spitzer's depth of experience in organic polymer electronics further strengthens our Company's management team and prospects for success in collaborating with our global partners."

“I'm very excited to be joining a strong, innovative team.”

Dr. Spitzer brings more than 37 years of semiconductor research and development experience in microelectronics, 25 of which are in technology management, to Konarka. Most recently, he was the director of Spansion, LLC's Boston Research Labs. Spansion is the memory subsidiary of AMD & Fujitsu, which had acquired Coatue Corporation, where Dr. Spitzer was the vice president of engineering. At Coatue, he worked in the nanotechnology area to develop polymer microelectronics. Prior to joining Coatue, Dr. Spitzer was at Polaroid, where he was tasked with creating the Microelectronics Laboratory, enabling Polaroid's successful entry into the electronic imaging business by developing solid state lasers, light emitting diodes and image sensors.

He was first employed by NASA, developing high reliability microelectronics in support of manned space-flight missions. Thereafter, he worked at Bell Labs as a researcher on semiconductor opto-electronic devices and complementary metal-oxide semiconductor technology. He also started the VLSI Center at ITT, a state-of-the-art sub-micron design rule integrated circuit facility, with responsibility for developing the strategic plan linking the VLSI Center's roadmap with ITT's telecommunication needs.

Dr. Spitzer holds a Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Materials Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is the author of numerous technical articles, holds many patents and has many professional affiliations.

"Helping Konarka achieve its vision for power plastic is a unique opportunity for me to apply my experience with polymer electronics," said Dr. Spitzer. "I'm very excited to be joining a strong, innovative team."

About Konarka Technologies, Inc.

Konarka builds products that convert light to energy - anywhere. Konarka is the leading developer of polymer photovoltaic products that provide a source of renewable power in a variety of form factors for commercial, industrial, government and consumer applications. Konarka's photovoltaic nanotechnology is focused on delivering lightweight, flexible, scalable and manufacturable products. Konarka has a broad portfolio of patents, technology licenses and an accomplished technical team. Nobel Laureate Professor Alan Heeger (UC Santa Barbara) is a director, co-founder and chief scientist for Konarka. Konarka Technologies is headquartered in Lowell, Mass., U.S.A., with European headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany, and research and development facilities in Austria and Switzerland. For more information, visit http://www.konarka.com or contact Tracy Wemett, BroadPR, at 617-868-5031 or tracy@broadpr.com.

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