Winners in One of the World's Largest K-12 Student Science Competitions Present Their Incredible Inventions and Ideas!; 2005 Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision Awards Winners Gather in Washington D.C.

--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ExploraVision:
WHAT:   Eight national winning student teams of the 13th annual
        ExploraVision Awards Program will present their incredible
        inventions and ideas for future technologies. The winning
        students, ranging from grades K-12, will use prototype models
        and websites to explain their projects.

    --  Living Impaired Future Eye (L.I.F.E.): This unit allows blind
        people to walk without a cane. (O'Fallon, MO)

    --  VEWS: Volcano Early Warning System: Uses GPS to relay an
        emergency signal that informs people of the best safety route
        in volcano or mud slide prone areas. (Oak Harbor, WA)

    --  Visible-Light Photocatalysis: Uses nanotechnology to detoxify
        and clean polluted water and air. It can also clean facilities
        such as hospitals to prevent the spread of disease.
        (Lyndhurst, OH)

    --  Earthquake Detection:7400 Leagues Above the Sea: This is an
        early-warning tsunami detection system that uses satellites to
        detect electromagnetic waves and magnetic fields week before
        the impending event. (Highland Park, NJ)

    --  MiraclEyes 3000: A multi-sensory aid for the blind that uses
        radar, GPS, and mapping software to provide real-time walking
        directions in any city in the world, in any language. (North
        Reading, MA)

    --  The Appy-Bot: A gel-cap that eliminates the need for
        appendectomies in the future by using nanotechnology to repair
        a patient's appendix. (Amherst, NY) Microbe ID System: A
        handheld device that is used to identify the microbes that
        cause a patients illness by drawing samples of air from a
        patient's breath and observing how the particles react with
        specific MID sensors. (Loomis, CA)

    --  Body M.A.S.S.: A minimally invasive artificial intelligence
        system that monitors vital signs and nutrient mineral levels.
        Worn as clothing, it allows patients to monitor their health
        and provide information to their doctors. (Toronto, Canada)

WHO:       Student Inventors, Toshiba Executives, National Science
           Teachers Association Executives, Bill Nye, the Science Guy,
           Deputy Undersecretary and Deputy Director of U.S. Patent 
           and Trademark Office, Stephen Pinkos.

VISUALS:  -Prototype models of student inventions and
           student-developed websites 
          -The Office of the Mayor of Washington, D.C. will issue a 
           proclamation declaring June 10th ExploraVision Science & 
           Technology Day

WHEN:      Friday, June 10th
           10:00AM - 11:45AM -- One-on-one media interviews with 
                                students, teachers and executives
           11:45AM - 1:00PM -- Science Showcase Presentation

WHERE:     National Press Club, 529 14th Street, NW, 13th Floor


At the event:
Sara Trujillo, 917-295-5491
Deanna Lee, 517-281-9975
DBA Public Relations
Stephen Schulman, 212-388-1400

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