John Cleese Viral Video Generates over 280,000 Downloads; LiveVault's Popular Institute for Backup Trauma Viral Video Starring John Cleese Generates 120,000 New Downloads Three Months After Release

WATERTOWN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 18, 2005--The John Cleese Institute for Backup Trauma Viral Video ( for LiveVault generated over 75,000 downloads after one recent web posting, still pulling in new viewers three months after its initial release. The viral video, produced by Thunder Sky Pictures, Inc. founder Doug Feinburg and Captains of Industry(R) co-founders Ted Page and Fred Surr for automated disk backup solutions client LiveVault has generated more than 280,000 web downloads, over 200 linking sites, and a ten-fold increase in website visits for LiveVault.

"The video has generated an overwhelming response from our target audience and beyond," says LiveVault marketing consultant, Jeff Weiner, who originated the concept.

“The video has generated an overwhelming response from our target audience and beyond”

The Institute for Backup Trauma is the latest example of an increasingly popular, web-based concept known as viral video. Viral videos are short films released over the Internet that are irreverently entertaining and become so popular that they spread across the web like a "virus" generating mirror links and downloads. (Viral videos should not be confused with computer viruses; viral videos are legitimate films produced to entertain and pose no security threats.)

Feinburg explains, "We developed the concept because we felt it would be a truly entertaining and cost-effective method to get the message out to potential LiveVault customers."

"Viral video is an entirely new medium. Rather than targeting potential customers, viral videos attract an audience, making them more receptive and increasing the likelihood of purchases," says Page, who wrote the script.

"This is a pull strategy that allows companies to turn websites into virtual television networks, and to benefit from the infective viral spread promulgated by the Internet," says Surr, who directed the video. "In today's increasingly cluttered media market, products like TIVO render television advertising a risky venture. The Institute for Backup Trauma video generated returns that wouldn't have been realized using any other media."

In addition to featuring actor John Cleese of Monty Python fame, the film features a cameo by actor Michael Dorn, who played the Klingon character Lieutenant Worf in the Star Trek series.

Thunder Sky Pictures/Captains of Industry production of The Institute for Backup Trauma can be viewed at or


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