SpringSource Supported Groovy and Grails Helps Aegeon Build Better Knowledge Management Platform

Popular Web-Application Framework and Dynamic Language Allows Web 2.0 Start-Up to Cut Costs by 33% and Reduce Product Development Set-up from Weeks to Hours

SAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SpringSource, the leader in enterprise Java and the company behind Groovy and Grails technologies, today announced that Aegeon, a Web 2.0 company focused on enterprise social software solutions, is using Groovy and Grails to build Spaceo.us, the company’s knowledge management platform designed to meet a wide range of business needs. SpringSource employs the major contributors to Groovy and Grails. Groovy and Grails, along with other commercial offerings from SpringSource, increase developer productivity by providing a lean approach to building, running and managing the entire enterprise application lifecycle.

“Groovy and Grails have become a foundation in development technology, providing a clear and simple workflow”

Constrained by time and money as a start up, Aegeon needed a development platform to create the prototype for Spaceo.us quickly and efficiently. The initial plan was to develop the product using pure Java but Aegeon realized there was not enough built-in infrastructure support to create the prototype on time and with the features they wanted to include.

“The original plan was to generate only the prototype in Groovy and Grails, and then slowly migrate to pure Java for the development of the actual product,” said Rob James, CTO of Aegeon. “But we realized there was no need to switch to Java, and in fact it would have slowed down our process. If we had built our prototype in Java, we would have only been able to deliver a quarter to a third of the functionality we produced using Groovy and Grails.”

Grails is an advanced and innovative web-application framework based on Groovy that enables IT teams to establish fast development cycles through agile methodologies. Groovy is the most popular alternative languages for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Groovy and Grails made it easy for Aegeon designers to better understand their code and quickly implement changes, rather than having to pass every task to the Java development team. Consequently, Aegeon was able to build a better user interface and improve the overall user experience.

Groovy and Grails delivered the following business results to Aegeon:

  • Accelerated application development—Groovy and Grails enables Aegeon to write initial code in a few hours with plug-ins, as compared to the weeks it takes with traditional Java scripting.
  • Increased response to customer needs—With Grails plug-ins, Aegeon can build new features and deliver them to the customer within 24 hours, whereas before it took up to ten days.
  • Value-added features—Without Groovy and Grails, Aegeon would have only been able to deliver a third of the functionality produced because of the time it takes to write initial code. Aegeon utilizes this time savings to write functional code that adds value to their application, allowing them to deliver more features than the competition.
  • Significant reduction in resources and cost—With a small team of four developers, the Spaceo.us system was built in six months. If Aegeon had used purely Java, the company would have needed a team three times that size to build the platform on time.

“Groovy and Grails have become a foundation in development technology, providing a clear and simple workflow,” says Graeme Rocher, head of Grails development for SpringSource. “SpringSource is pleased that Aegeon is able to stay ahead of the competition using Groovy and Grails’ technologies to deliver improved developer productivity while significantly cutting costs.”

Groovy and Grails are among the most popular open source application infrastructure solutions in the world along with Spring, the de facto standard programming model for enterprise Java applications. SpringSource is the company behind all of these technologies.

About Aegeon

Aegeon is an innovative Enterprise Web 2.0 company focused on Enterprise Social Software solutions. World headquarters are located in Orange County, California, with Asia Pacific operations based in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. Its principle activities are product development and professional services surrounding Spaceo.us, an innovative Enterprise Social Software platform. The Enterprise Platform along with a Web 2.0 Architecture of Spaceo.us empowers organizations, groups and individuals with a means to locate, access, consume, collaborate, and share information. Aegeon delivers a paradigm shift in social computing capabilities, creating knowledge assets that enhance and enrich corporate efficiency, leverage SOA investment, and improve organizational agility.

About SpringSource

SpringSource provides a complete suite of software products that accelerate the entire build, run, manage enterprise Java application lifecycle. SpringSource employs the open source leaders who created and drive innovation for Spring, the de facto standard programming model for enterprise Java applications. SpringSource also employs the Java and Web thought leaders within the Apache Tomcat, Apache HTTP Server, Groovy and Grails open source communities. Nearly half of the Global 2000, including many of the world's leading retail, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, technology and public sector clients are SpringSource customers. For more information visit: www.springsource.com.


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