Statement on Ron Paul and
“Tax Day Tea Parties”

ARLINGTON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--As activists across the country hold national tea parties, Campaign for Liberty president John Tate issued the following statement:

“The concept of the modern day Tea Party began on December 16, 2007 when supporters of Ron Paul’s presidential campaign came together and raised over $6 million online in one day. The tremendous success of that event lead activists in the freedom movement and members of the Campaign for Liberty to begin planning today’s Tax Day Tea Parties.

“Success always brings company, and it is very positive that so many conservatives, libertarians, Republicans, constitutionalists and even progressives have come together and joined our efforts. All Americans who are sincere about cutting out of control government spending are welcome to stand with Dr. Paul and the Campaign for Liberty as we fight to take our country back.”

Congressman Ron Paul is the honorary chairman of Campaign for Liberty. For more information, visit


Campaign for Liberty
Jesse Benton, 202-246-6363

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