Intel® Certified Solutions Program, Powered by SpikeSource, Gains Strong Market Momentum

Advanced Automated Certification Platform Empowers Long Tail ISVs to Deliver Secure, High Quality Applications at Significantly Lower Development and Support Costs

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SpikeSource, Inc., an Intel Capital funded company, today announced that the Intel® Certified Solutions Program, a new software certification service from Intel Corporation powered by SpikeSource, is gaining strong market acceptance. More than 100 independent software vendor (ISV) applications have been registered in the program since its introduction in April. The service tests and certifies ISV applications against pre-defined standards for security, interoperability, maintainability, and performance on advanced Intel technologies such as multi-core processing. Certified applications receive an Intel-branded certification badge.

“As the provider of the most widely used open source business intelligence software in the world, we pride ourselves on the quality of our applications. Certification on Intel multi-core processors helps us differentiate our offering and drive even greater confidence for our customers.”

"We find strong business value in the Intel Certified Solutions Program," said Brian Gentile, President and CEO, JasperSoft. "As the provider of the most widely used open source business intelligence software in the world, we pride ourselves on the quality of our applications. Certification on Intel multi-core processors helps us differentiate our offering and drive even greater confidence for our customers."

Broad Appeal across Highly Diverse Range of ISVs

Participants in the Intel Certified Solutions Program include a highly diverse range of both proprietary and open source ISVs, from large vendors such as Symantec and NEC System Technologies a unit of NEC Corporation to smaller and emerging companies like CenterBeam, Concursive, Digium, Entellium, PacketMotion, SixApart, Socialtext and Untangle.

There is a clear market segment need for third-party validation of software quality, security, and performance, which ultimately translates into a better experience for consumers and workers, said Christos Georgiopoulos, PhD, general manager of Intel's Developer Relations Division. We have seen a highly diverse set of software vendors embrace this new certification service from Intel and SpikeSource in a very short period of time. We now look forward to enabling the broader ISV community to deliver high quality, trusted solutions that are certified to run well on advanced Intel technologies.

New Capabilities Reduce ISV Development and Support Costs

SpikeSource today is introducing new capabilities in the Intel Certified Solutions Program that significantly reduce ISV development and support costs. The new capabilities enable ISVs to develop their application on a custom-built open source foundation, by selecting from an extensive catalog of components that are pre-tested to ensure security and interoperability. The service auto-assembles, tests, maintains, and updates the custom configuration on an ongoing basis, resulting in lower ISV development and support costs as well as increased quality, security and maintainability for end customers.

Through the Intel Certified Solutions Program, Intel and SpikeSource together are enabling ISVs of every kind and size to deliver higher quality, more secure solutions, said Kim Polese, CEO of SpikeSource. The new capabilities we are introducing today are especially valuable to the tens of thousands of small and emerging ISVsthe rapidly expanding long tail of the software industryempowering them to bring new and innovative solutions to the mass market in a cost-effective manner.

Certification Offered as Part of Intel Business Builder

The Intel Certified Solutions Program is part of Intel Business Builder, a set of interconnected services from Intel designed to help ISVs grow their business through:

  • Expanded sales reach - Certified applications can be marketed on Intels recently launched global online marketplace, the Intel® Business Exchange (
  • Compelling product differentiation ISVs can take advantage of advanced Intel technologies such as multi-core to differentiate their products.
  • Increased customer trust and confidence Certified applications receive the Intel-branded certification badge, a tangible endorsement with global recognition.
  • Reduced development and support costs ISVs can leverage the SpikeSource Solutions Factory, a proven automated platform for assembling, testing, packaging, and updating software solutions.

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SpikeSource provides the SpikeSource Solutions Factory platformground-breaking technology that dramatically reduces the cost of developing, distributing, and supporting software solutions. SpikeSource Solutions Factory is the worlds most advanced platform for testing, packaging, distributing, and maintaining software solutions of all kinds including open source, proprietary, and hybrid solutionsenabling independent software vendors to deliver the highest-quality solutions and reduce their development and support costs. Integrated with distribution networks of the worlds largest technology companies, the SpikeSource Solutions Factory enables ISVs of all sizes to globally market and sell high-quality, channel-ready products at a fraction of the typical cost. To learn more, please visit


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