Air Travel Restrictions Changing Wine Lovers Buying Habits, BottleWise Poll Finds

Nearly 25% report theyve stopped buying bottles of wine when flying home from wine country vacations, other destinations

MADISON, Wis.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--BottleWise, maker of smart travel solutions for the culinary traveler, today announced results of a poll conducted to determine the effects of airline carry-on restrictions on wine drinkers buying and travel practices. The results show that a significant portion of travelers have changed their buying habits since the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) began limiting the amount of liquid people can carry onto planes.

“We found an awful lot of people wrapping bottles in socks and t-shirts, sometimes to unfortunate consequences. Others don’t want to take the chance, and go home empty-handed.”

Conducted by BottleWise last month at the Washington DC International Food & Wine Expo, the poll asked attendees what impact, if any, TSA restrictions have had on their wine buying habits when flying home from wine country or other destinations. Nearly one-fourth, 24.4%, said they no longer buy bottles of wine when traveling by air; 41.2% wrap bottles in clothing or bubble wrap and place it in their checked luggage; and 18.1% ask the winery to ship the wine directly to them. Only 10.4% reported no impact because they never travel with wine.

It seemed everyone we spoke with had a story about how difficult it has become to travel with wine or other liquid treasures, said Amy Dias, president of BottleWise. We found an awful lot of people wrapping bottles in socks and t-shirts, sometimes to unfortunate consequences. Others dont want to take the chance, and go home empty-handed.

BottleWise meets these challenges head-on with BottleWise Duo, an airline-friendly travel solution that lets travelers safely transport wine inside their checked luggage. Made in the USA, the bags patent-pending design features:

  • Two removable padded liquid-tight pouches
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and carrying shell
  • High-quality materials and craftsmanship
  • The BottleWise unconditional guarantee

About BottleWise

BottleWise was founded in 2007 by James and Amy Dias in response to the U.S. Transportation Security Administrations (TSA) travel restrictions that make it difficult for air travelers to bring home a couple bottles of wine, olive oil or other culinary indulgence. BottleWise eliminates these issues with the BottleWise Duo, an airline-friendly bag that keeps bottles safe inside checked luggage. Visit


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