1-800-FREE411 Poll of 24,000 Shows Obama Leading by 14 Percentage Points in Pennsylvania

Massive Statewide Poll Shows Obama With Wide Lead, but With 25 Percent of Likely Voters Still Undecided

MENLO PARK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jingle Networks, Inc., the leader in free voice search and operator of the highly popular 1-800-FREE411 directory service, today released results of a telephone poll of 24,000 likely voters in Pennsylvania conducted from April 7 to April 13 by asking callers about their intentions and preferences. Among those making a choice, the results show a 57 percent to 43 percent lead by Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton. However, 25 percent are still undecided.

The 1-800-FREE411 poll results are based on one of the largest sample sizes ever used in a political poll, especially at the state level. Typical polls are often based on only 500 to 1,000 respondents. With a sample size of 24,000 people the error level is less than one percent.

According to Jingles Director of Marketing Kim Breslin: Although we are not a polling company, almost 20 million Americans call our service each month which is quite a large audience. Because of our significant reach, the 1-800-FREE411 service allowed us to quickly poll 24,000 Pennsylvania residents from across the state including large cities and small towns. Its very interesting to see how different the results are when comparing such an extremely large number of respondents to what the traditional polls are saying with very small samples.

Obamas lead in this poll was not reduced in recent days following his comments on small towns.

Added George Garrick, Jingles CEO: It is not that unusual for official political polls to be wrong. In the New Hampshire primary, for instance, polls by most of the leading national news and polling organizations showed Obama leading by five to 13 points right up to the time of the vote, yet Clinton won. A key factor contributing to error in poll predictions is the undecided voter sector. In Pennsylvania, 25 percent of voters are still saying they are undecided and that could easily produce a last minute turnaround from one candidate to the other since the undecided sector is larger than the differences being cited in any of the polls. If the small sample size used in a typical poll does not perfectly represent the larger population, its possible to see a very different result in the actual vote. Thats why using a significantly larger than normal sample size is interesting.

In addition to the Pennsylvania poll, 1-800-FREE411 also surveyed thousands of callers in Florida and Michigan about their thoughts on their respective state primaries. Among the results:

  • In both Florida and Michigan, if the primary were to be held today, Obama would win in both states by a margin of five points in Florida and 20 points in Michigan.
  • In both states, 25 percent or more of voters still claim to be undecided.
  • Fewer than 30 percent of respondents in both states feel that there should be a re-do of the primary.

The complete results from the Jingle survey can be found at www.free411.com.

Later this year, 1-800-FREE411 will be conducting tracking polls leading up to the national election which will be based on sample sizes in the millions.

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