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ACT-IAC Selects “Rising Stars” for 10th Voyagers Program Class

FAIRFAX, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The American Council for Technology (ACT) – Industry Advisory Council (IAC) today announced the selected 24 members of its 2015 Voyagers Program. Now in its tenth year, the Voyagers Program is a highly competitive leadership development program for "rising stars" in government and industry with high potential for future advancement. The nine-month program pairs government and industry participants with a 1:1 ratio, offering real-world leadership training based on Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs).

Applicants were nominated by their respective agency or organization as future leaders in the information technology (IT) industry, based on their past experience and future leadership aspirations. A panel of government and industry senior executives reviewed, scored, and selected the final Voyagers. Program participants will have the opportunity to walk in each other’s shoes, understand new perspectives and address government IT challenges head-on.

2015 Voyagers Program Government participants are:

  • Kevin Barnes, Environmental Protection Agency
  • Cristen Cole, General Services Administration
  • Stacian Daye, Library of Congress
  • Elizabeth Hampton, General Services Administration
  • Daniel Kim, General Services Administration
  • Edward Madden, Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Carrie Nelson, Library of Congress
  • Eduvirgen Peralta-Cruz, Environmental Protection Agency
  • Eridani Quiroz, General Services Administration
  • Enas Qutob, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  • Mackenzie Stevens, Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Andrew Yuen, Environmental Protection Agency

2015 Voyagers Program Industry participants are:

  • Eric Anderson, Rigil
  • Stacy Brownstein, Attain
  • Tom Colatosti, Verizon
  • Patrick Hansen, Lynker Technologies
  • Callian Jenkins, ICF International
  • Michael Lentine, Hewlett-Packard
  • Carey Paquette, Accenture Federal Services
  • Ingrida Petersons, Noblis
  • Vajira Ranaviraja, Northrop Grumman
  • Burton Tu, SMRC
  • Kelli Usé, Govplace
  • Melinda Ward, Integrity Consulting

Jolene Merkel of the Federal Aviation Administration, and Naveen Krishnamurthy of RIVA Solutions, are this year’s Voyagers Program co-chairs. Both are alumni of the Partners program. 2015 Vice Chairs are Heidi Myers of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, David Curtis of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Steve Furman of Robbins-Gioia, and Susie Sylvester of Dev Technology.

Upon graduation in May 2015, graduates become members of the distinguished ACT-IAC Fellows Program (alumni of both the Voyagers and Partners Programs). ACT-IAC Fellows are committed to life-long leadership development, trusted collaboration and working together to solve government’s biggest challenges.

For more information on the Voyagers and Partners Programs, please visit: https://actiac.org/content/learning#history

About ACT-IAC – Advancing Government Through Collaboration, Education, and Action

ACT-IAC is the premier public-private partnership in the government IT community and an example of how government and industry work together. ACT-IAC is a nonprofit educational organization created to advance government through collaboration and education. The organization provides an objective, vendor and technology-neutral and ethical forum where government and industry are working together to develop innovative strategies, effective and efficient solutions and best practices. Headquartered in the Greater Washington, D.C. area, ACT-IAC also has chapters in Pacific region (based in San Diego) and the Rocky Mountain region (based in Denver).

Learn more about our organization and how to become a member at http://www.actiac.org or call (703) 208-4800. Connect with ACT-IAC on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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