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Austin Dyne in the Barracuda # 14 takes Win in the Red Bull Global Rallycross Daytona Semi-Final

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--It was swelteringly hot in Daytona this weekend, but the Red Bull Global Rallycross action on the track was even more intense for Austin Dyne and the #14 Barracuda Racing Ford Fiesta. Competition bubbled over on the legendary Daytona International Speedway and culminated with Dyne’s epic win in the semi-final - a result that underscored the rookie’s impressive progress in his debut season.

“We’re in a car that hasn’t been developed in four years and it’s been falling apart and they’ve been fixing it about ten times this weekend, fixing the engine and we won the semi-final. That’s like a big win for us.”

It was an extreme day in many respects where track temperatures reached 114 degrees and cockpit temperatures peaking at a staggering 111 degrees. Extreme temperatures like these have a major effect on Supercars’ performance abilities, and today these conditions affected the outcome of just about every round and made the day a true test of drivers’ physical endurance and patience.

Dyne completed perhaps one of the finest performances to date on the RBGRC circuit when he swept the semi-final with the calm assurance of a veteran. Dyne was clearly hungry for a victory. This track, with its long 1-mile course is the type of track that Dyne thrives on, and he took advantage of superb exits onto long straightaways and put his extensive road racing experience to work in the heavy braking zones.

To kick off the semi-final, Austin started in row 2 next to Scott Speed & Tanner Foust. Stuck in the back in the first lap, Dyne battled hard to make it into the front, securing 2nd after strategically taking the joker at the end of lap 1. Piquet Jr. didn’t give up first easily, but Dyne was able to pull into the lead after Piquet Jr. was penalized. Dyne's consummate drive earned him a stellar starting position for the Final. The Californian is only one of two series drivers to make it into the Final in all of the races to date.

In the Final, Dyne came up against Ken Block in the fight up to the front and Block made contact with Dyne which damaged his tire, causing smoke and loss of speed. He persevered and held 4th place through the first 5 laps, but at the hairpin leading into the dirt jump on Lap 7, Dyne had contact with Tanner Foust who had spun. This cost Dyne several places and major ground on the track. The damage to the front of the Barracuda Racing Ford Fiesta was extensive, and Dyne was forced to pull off the track just before the final lap. It was a disappointing turn of events and cut short a Final that could easily have been Dyne's first podium finish.

“I’m just amped that this team works harder than any other team in the paddock,” said Austin Dyne. “We’re in a car that hasn’t been developed in four years and it’s been falling apart and they’ve been fixing it about ten times this weekend, fixing the engine and we won the semi-final. That’s like a big win for us.”

This was the most action-packed race to date in the Red Bull Global Rallycross season. The event within the legendary venue drew a huge crowd, the grandstands were packed and people were on their feet for the duration, cheering on the drivers.

Austin Dyne comes away from the weekend with the distinction of being a race-winner at Daytona. And once again he signaled that that maiden Red Bull GRC Final win is just around the corner.

Next up on the calendar for Barracuda Racing is a double-header in Los Angeles. The event takes place September 20-21 and tickets can be purchased here: www.RedBullGlobalRallycross.com/LA .

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