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Nuix Names Bishop Technologies “Intelligent Migration Partner of the Year”

Intelligent Migration solution sales drive a record quarter for Bishop Technologies

ELGIN, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Bishop Technologies, Inc., a full-service provider of information security, governance and data migration solutions, was awarded Intelligent Migration Partner of the Year for the 2014 financial year by Nuix, the leader in intelligent email archive migration tools. This follows a stellar quarter at the end of June resulting in sales exceeding Bishop’s CYQ2 goals, and the strongest quarter in FY2014 for Nuix’s Intelligent Migration business.

“Nuix and Bishop have the same core vision to solve a big problem for our clients in the quickest, most efficient way possible.”

“Bishop has the migration expertise and a dedicated support team and we share the same vision to move company archives quickly,” said Rocco Seyboth, General Manager of the Nuix Intelligent Migration business. “The Intelligent Migration business has signed up nearly 100 partners in our first full year of operation and Bishop was the stand-out service provider.

“We’re seeing a huge growth in organizations moving their legacy data to the cloud, particularly Microsoft Office 365. Bishop is committed to making this process easier and more efficient for clients.”

The award took into consideration which partner brought in the most revenue, was best aligned with Nuix’s business goals and demonstrated the deepest commitment to the partnership across all levels of the organization.

“It’s so much easier to sell a solution when you have a great partner–vendor relationship in place,” said JR Haag, VP of Sales at Bishop Technologies. “Nuix and Bishop have the same core vision to solve a big problem for our clients in the quickest, most efficient way possible.

“We recognized Nuix’s can-do attitude from day one of working together. I feel good knowing we have a partner that will stick with us through thick and thin.”

Nuix’s Intelligent Migration technology is the fastest, most scalable and most cost-effective method available for migrating data from legacy archives to the cloud or modern storage platforms. Nuix creates multiple direct connections to the data in place and in its native format, bypassing the archive’s slow, inefficient application programming interface.

About Bishop

Bishop Technologies, Inc. empowers clients to derive maximum value from their information assets. We help optimize Office 365’s native security, retention, and discovery features, and Bishop can extend those capabilities with our third-party tools for advanced requirements to support privacy, encryption, and governance. For organizations evaluating Office 365, we can provide turnkey migration services for both live mailboxes and legacy archived data. Clients can rely on Bishop to protect information from external threats, govern it for the duration of its useful life, and migrate it as technology and requirements evolve. Bishop: Keeping Your Data In Check™. For more information, please visit http://www.bishopit.com.

About Nuix

Nuix enables people to make fact-based decisions from unstructured data. The patented Nuix Engine makes small work of large and complex human-generated data sets. Organizations around the world turn to Nuix software when they need fast, accurate answers for digital investigation, cybersecurity, eDiscovery, information governance, email migration, privacy and more. For more information, please visit http://www.nuix.com.


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