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Old Bridge Chemicals' Copper Carbonate Widely Accepted by Poultry Industry as Copper Mineral Supplement as a Feed Ingredient

OLD BRIDGE, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The poultry industry is slowly but surely using more copper carbonate to supplement poultry feed as a copper mineral.

The main benefits are:

  • It is water insoluble and does not create any reactions with any other minerals in a formula.
  • A natural alternative that is functionally equivalent to other commercially available sources of copper such at tri-basic copper chloride
  • Made in the USA from American raw materials with no organic compounds or chlorides used in the manufacturing process
  • Manufactured using a continuous process insuring consistent quality, high batch-to-batch consistency and prompt availability.
  • Recent poultry studies show Old Bridge’s Copper Carbonate to be superior to copper sulfate in relative nutritional bioavailability and broiler performance.
  • Numerous independent analyses of Old Bridge Copper Carbonate prove that the product easily meets rigid EU criteria for the presence of dioxins and polychlorinated biphenols (pcbs).
  • Old Bridge Copper Carbonate is an approved Eurofins and AFIA feed additive and is manufactured in a certified AFIA Safe Feed/Safe Food facility.


Old Bridge Chemicals
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