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Kongregate and GameStop Announce New Mobile Game Titles

New titles set for release including Rise of Mythos from gaming giant Changyou

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Kongregate, a wholly owned subsidiary of GameStop Corporation, today announced it will release several new free-to-play mobile games in the next few months as they continue to expand their mobile game publishing program. The new games will be created to appeal toward the core gamers across the Kongregate and GameStop networks.

“Kongregate's partnership with us and the success of ‘Tyrant Unleashed’ have exceeded our expectations in every way, allowing us to double staff. We look forward to working with them on upcoming titles.”

"We are thrilled to offer new and exciting content to our gaming fans across our different free-to-play platforms, and at the same time help developers find success in mobile gaming," said Emily Greer, CEO & co-founder of Kongregate. "Whether developing a web- or mobile-based game, it is a competitive market for small studios. As a publisher, we are able to help level the playing field by providing marketing, analytics, free-to-play design expertise and support – and even capital assistance in some cases."

Kongregate will publish a mobile version of the popular multiplayer, web-based game “Rise of Mythos” from developer Changyou. According to Peize Lee, general manager at Changyou, Kongregate is an excellent partner with significant expertise in successfully bringing Asian free-to-play games to Western gamers. “The Kongregate brand is well-known in the industry. Combining that brand recognition with the power of the GameStop network of gaming fans will go a long way in helping our game reach a large and extremely loyal base of core gamers,” Lee said.

Kongregate will also publish “Cry Havoc,” the next title from Synapse Games, the developer behind the mobile blockbuster “Tyrant Unleashed,” a top 100 grossing game on Android. Kongregate will also publish the next two mobile games developed by Synapse Games.

“We have a long-term relationship with Kongregate on the web side that has been very lucrative for us and we were excited to work with them to bring our first game to mobile,” said Alex Reeve, CEO and founder of Synapse Games. “Kongregate's partnership with us and the success of ‘Tyrant Unleashed’ have exceeded our expectations in every way, allowing us to double staff. We look forward to working with them on upcoming titles.”

Other mobile games Kongregate will launch during the next few months include “SpellStone” also from Synapse Games, “Party of Heroes” from Dedalord, “Epic Skater” from YourDailyFill, and “Call of Gods” from BoyJoy. Additionally Kongregate will expand the platform availability for many of the other games already part of its gaming portfolio. Among these include the upcoming releases of “Lionheart Tactics” (Emerald City Games) and “Little Alchemist” (Chinzilla) on Android. The company will also include the previously released “Game of Thrones: Ascent” (Disruptor Beam). Featured in the Apple App store, the game recently achieved the No. 3 position in the “Top Charts, Free” section and broke into the top 50 grossing mobile games within days after being launched.

“We want gamers to be able to enjoy these games on whatever platform they choose,” said Greer. “By offering our more than 18 million web gamers a cross-platform gaming experience, we can utilize input from these players to refine and improve the mobile game version before launch to create the best gaming experience possible.”

Kongregate began its foray into mobile game development with the announcement of its $10 million mobile developers fund in February 2013. Since then, Kongregate has built a growing mobile business and team of mobile game experts, and has published 12 mobile game titles that have been downloaded in excess of 17 million times. Combined, these titles have received 27 features in the Apple App and Google Play stores.

“During the course of the last year, the Kongregate team has been making great progress in expanding our presence in the mobile gaming category,” said Mike Hogan, executive vice president of strategy for GameStop. “Publishing a diverse mix of popular mobile games such as those Kongregate announced today is just one more example of how GameStop and our family of specialty retail brands is where gamers can go to get their favorite technologies – including games, consoles and exclusive content – how, when and where they want it.”

About Kongregate

Kongregate is a leading platform for web and mobile gaming that attracts more than 18 million monthly unique visitors to its web site. Kongregate is also a publisher of mobile games with a focus on mid- and hard-core titles. Kongregate’s mobile games have received 17 million installs and more than 90 million gameplays. While all Kongregate games are free to play, the website features a virtual currency called “Kreds” that can be used to unlock upgrades and features; mobile games may also include items available for purchase. Kongregate is a subsidiary of GameStop Corporation and is based in San Francisco. The company was founded in 2006 by brother-and-sister team Jim and Emily Greer.


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