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Radialpoint Drives Superior Customer Experience with New PTS-CX Premium Support Apps for iOS and Android

MONTREAL--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Premium Technology Support solutions provider Radialpoint announced the release of new mobile support applications that further enhance the company’s industry-leading PTSCX solutions and mobile Premium Support offering.

“Technology providers can no longer let Customer Experience be just an industry buzz word”

"Technology providers can no longer let Customer Experience be just an industry buzz word,” said Warren Levitan, CEO of Radialpoint. “Consumers expect the revolutionary technology we put in their pockets and homes to simply work, all the time. When it doesn't, they expect instant support that delivers real answers, without being subject to long wait times, call transfers and extended inquisitions about facts an agent should already know about them and the products they use. Our new mobile support apps provide our clients with an industry-first opportunity to deliver exceptional, effective support in the channel where their customers are already the most present – on their mobile device."

The company’s latest iPhone and Android support apps are purpose-built to increase the effectiveness of cross-device premium support offerings and the efficiency of call center agents, while enhancing the customer experience. The mobile apps help deflect common support calls by proactively targeting self-help content based on the device and user profile. If a self-help solution is not available, the apps optimize the support session by providing one-click access to a live support agent over a chat-based support channel.

Device configuration information collected by the mobile support apps is made available in the support agents’ console helping them gather device status and diagnose issues more efficiently, thereby reducing the time end-users spend answering questions upfront and the time it takes to resolve mobile support issues.

In addition, support agents are able to accelerate the support session even further by automating solution steps to common problems, and taking remote control of devices where necessary.

As with all PTSCX support channels, the iPhone and Android apps include integrated Voice of Customer feedback to measure the quality of every live support session, providing call centers with timely insight into customers’ mobile support experiences.

"While there will be a role for telephone-based support for years to come, the support industry is lagging when it comes to meeting consumer expectations for where and how they can get support,” said Warren Levitan. From iMessage to WhatsApp to Hangouts, consumers chat and text today more frequently than ever. It should be no surprise that over 50% of users say they would prefer to access support directly through their mobile device. Radialpoint is proud to enable our clients to immediately start meeting this customer demand and truly deliver the Customer Experience their consumers expect."

About Radialpoint

Radialpoint's PTSCX solutions provide companies such as Carriers, ISVs, and OEMs with the technology, processes, and Customer Experience Management (CEM) orientation they need to drive superior Premium Technology Support. PTSCX solutions expand the customer relationship and improve the support experience to increase customer loyalty, generate additional revenues, and differentiate our clients in the marketplace. PTSCX also allows clients to dynamically capture, manage and aggregate the greatest possible amount of customer and device data to inform both support and other company CEM programs with actionable customer insights.

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