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ManaCrowd Announces New ‘Crowdpublishing’ Platform for Independent Video Games

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Move over Kickstarter: ManaCrowd has announced the development of an online platform specifically designed to support independent video games. Founded in late 2012, ManaCrowd’s system combines the services of traditional game publishing with the customer involvement of crowdfunding, while allowing all interested players to be involved in a game's success from the earliest idea stage. Player benefits include:

“Our mission is to make great concepts more likely to succeed when they hit the marketplace.”

  • The ability to engage with and communicate feedback to game developers that are looking for consumer opinions
  • Royalties on future game sales to crowdfunding backers
  • Testing of new, unreleased games

Very different from crowdfunding heavyweights Kickstarter and Indiegogo, ManaCrowd moves the title through a unique “crowdpublishing” process of consumer feedback, concept refinement, funding, consumer testing, title promotion tools, and access to online distribution channels all from one centralized system. Developers get increased exposure, funding and promotion while retaining IP rights, a non-starter with traditional publishers.

What ManaCrowd is doing can have a truly global impact. According to Newzoo's 2013 Global Games Market Report, the $70 billion video game market is growing at over 6% a year. Consumer demand plus advancing technology has made the video game industry more accessible to the indie developer. “With billions of people having played a video game, there is an increasing demand for games that are new, fresh and most importantly unique. These niche concepts don’t have a system they can call their own, and that is where ManaCrowd comes in,” explains Kyle Boyko, ManaCrowd’s founder.

ManaCrowd aims to help promising concepts compete through word-of-mouth marketing rather than big budget advertising to make sure that great games find their audience. “Our mission is to make great concepts more likely to succeed when they hit the marketplace.”

Interested players and developers can get more information on ManaCrowd and access to their upcoming closed beta on or by following them on Twitter (@Mana_Crowd).

About ManaCrowd

Founded at the end of 2012, ManaCrowd is a Toronto, Ontario based company that combines elements of traditional video game publisher services with royalty-based crowdfunding by early adopters of new and unique independent game concepts. Inspired by Steam Greenlight, Kiva, and Kickstarter, ManaCrowd’s platform enables a pipeline of independent games that are more likely to succeed through a win-win direct collaboration between the developer and the consumer.


Kyle Boyko, 647-232-9100