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PEER 1 Hosting’s Map of the Internet App Hits 100,000 Downloads

Cisco Live Conference Showcases 3D App, Which Uses Worldwide Data to Create a Visual Representation of the Internet

VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PEER 1 Hosting, the global IT hosting provider, announced today that it has achieved 100,000 downloads of its 3D Map of the Internet smartphone and tablet app, which brings to life the physical appearance of the Internet.

“The Map of the Internet is a visual demonstration of our passion for the Internet, a tool that has totally revolutionized the way that we now all live our day-to-day lives”

With the app, users can view Internet service providers (ISPs), Internet exchange points, universities and other organizations through two view options – Globe and Network. The app also allows users to generate a trace route between where they are located and a destination node, search for where popular companies and domains are, as well as identify their current location on the map.

The interactive app was recently featured at the Cisco customer conference ‘Cisco Live’ to paint a visual demonstration of the Internet and what it will look like in the future.

Based on Internet topology from the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis, the app showcases the evolution of the Internet from its beginning to the present day, depicting 22,961 autonomous system nodes joined by 50,519 connections (source:

“The Map of the Internet is a fantastic visualization of the web online, serving as an educational tool for the hosting industry, academia and anyone interested in networking and the physical infrastructure of the Internet,” said Dominic Monkhouse, UK managing director, PEER 1 Hosting. “The app is a small part of PEER 1 Hosting’s mission to be the most human company on the web, and demonstrates our passion, expertise and thought leadership.”

Features of the app include enabling users to conduct trace routes between their current location and a destination anywhere else in the world, generating the route with real-time data and calculating the time it takes for data to travel between the two locations.

Users can also find the online locations of popular companies like Google and Facebook, as well as when they first appeared online. In addition to showcasing the Internet’s history, the app also allows users to see how the Internet will evolve between now and 2020.

“The Map of the Internet is a visual demonstration of our passion for the Internet, a tool that has totally revolutionized the way that we now all live our day-to-day lives,” said Robert Miggins, senior vice president of business development, PEER 1 Hosting. “This app enables users to easily view and understand exactly how the Internet works. We will continue to look for ways to demonstrate and share this passion and knowledge with the world, as we firmly believe people are intrigued by what’s going on under the hood of the Internet.”

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