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NUS Consulting Group Releases International Energy Report & Price Survey

PARK RIDGE, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--NUS Consulting Group released its annual International Energy Report & Price Survey. The report provides comprehensive analysis and discussion of energy market developments as well as year-on-year price movements and forecasts in 18 countries around the world.

In this year’s report, Italy, once again, was the most expensive electricity market surveyed coming in at 20.56 US₵ per kWh while Sweden dropped to the most inexpensive at 8.25 US₵/kWh. South Africa experienced a dramatic increase in natural gas prices (spiking 101.7%) and was the most expensive market in the survey at 12.55 US₵/kWh while the US and Canada reported the lowest prices at 2.33 and 2.23 US₵/kWh respectively. In addition to pricing data and analysis, the study addresses domestic and global issues impacting international energy markets. NUS Consulting Group has been conducting the survey for over 25 years.

Arnold Frankel, Executive Vice President, explains, “NUS Consulting Group’s Energy report is one of the only published resources available which provides an in-depth discussion of international energy markets and also provides actual market pricing information. NUS’s global office network and client base place it in a unique position as one of the few consultancies that collects energy prices and negotiates with energy suppliers around the world. In this report NUS shares some of this valuable information with the market place.”

NUS Consulting Group, established in 1933, is a privately-held, family business. NUS’s longevity, global network and independence allow it to be a trusted advisor to its local and international clients, taking a long-term, client-focused view in the delivery of its various services. NUS currently has 18 offices around the world and is looking to expand further into the global marketplace to continue providing unparalleled international coverage in the provision energy management services.

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About NUS Consulting Group

NUS is the world’s leading provider of energy management services. Our energy management solutions include on-line energy data management, invoice audit/validation, rate/tariff optimization, sourcing, risk management, carbon reporting, market research and sustainability consulting. NUS Consulting Group maintains offices in 14 countries around the world and employs more than 350 energy professionals. More than 3,000 businesses around the globe rely on NUS’s unbiased advice and expertise.


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