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Baron Z Spirits Expanding into North American Market with U.S. Based Distributor Thirsty Wine & Spirits Distributors Inc, Columbus Ohio.

STOCKHOLM--(BUSINESS WIRE)--BARON Z, Swedish Premium Spirit is pleased to announce that we have an agreement with Lonnie Meyer Founder/CEO OF THIRSTY WINE & SPIRITS DISTRIBUTORS Columbus, Ohio USA as The Exclusive Distributors of our Vodka & Gin Spirits Products in the North American Market including the United States and Canada.

“We look forward to Thirsty Wine & Spirits establishing our brand in the United States & Canada”

Gabriel Zettechelme EVP BARON Z, believes that THIRSTY WINE & SPIRITS DISTRIBUTORS will take BARON Z Vodka & Gin Products to a new Global level through their Dedication, Experience and Market Expertise. “We look forward to Thirsty Wine & Spirits establishing our brand in the United States & Canada”.

TW&SD is based in Columbus, Ohio and the CEO Lonnie Meyer said: "We look forward to introducing this exciting new Premium Brand from the Zettechelme Family from Stockholm, Sweden to the North American Market”. “We're going to build BARON Z here in Ohio which will in turn bring jobs to the region. We look forward to hiring at least 60 Sales and Support Staff at our Columbus, Ohio Headquarters and we’re looking forward to building a New Spirits Brand and grow here in United States and Canada”. Then move to other Markets throughout the world. “We appreciate this Opportunity by the Zettechelme Family; we’ll start in here in Ohio and build this BARON Z Premium Brand Spirits throughout the United States and Canada and we’re looking forward to working with them for many years to come. We’re also looking to establish New Distributors in all 50 States and in Canada. Our goal is to be in Canada by September with distributors in all 10 Canadian Provinces as soon as we speak with prospective partners there.”

The Swedish Market was the first to enjoy these two Premium Products. The launch in December 2008 and the reactions from the consumers gave the Baron Z Team the confirmation they needed. “The consumers liked the products because of its high quality and design and wanted more, so we’re looking forward to Lonnie and his Thirsty Wine & Spirits Team in Columbus, Ohio making it a Brand that consumers in North American will enjoy as well”, said Zettechelme.


Gabriel Zettechelme
EVP Baron Z Premium Spirits
Lonnie Meyer
THIRSTY WINE & SPIRITS Distributors ,Inc.