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Volubill’s New Analytical Reporting Solution Reveals Unique Business Opportunities for Operators

Operators Granted Unprecedented Insight and Control over Data Policies and Package Offerings with Volubill’s Visual, Cloud-based Analytics Solution

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Volubill, the leading provider of charging and policy solutions, launched today its new analytical reporting solution that allows operators to offer more compelling packages, answer key business stakeholder questions and predict consumer behavior using a highly-visual dashboard. With a number of unique functions, such as remote cloud-based access and real-time high-performance data manipulation, operators can determine more clearly than ever exactly how to design policies to maximize revenue and customer satisfaction.

“Offering targeted packages to customers has become a key success factor and revenue driver for operators. Having the ability to fine-tune those offerings even further, based on real customer data, will set operators apart from the pack”

Consumers have come to expect customized mobile data packages that align with their needs. Initial findings of Volubill’s current survey, Data Download: Are You Getting the Mobile Service You Crave?, show that almost a third of consumers want a mobile plan that allows them to add and remove applications on-demand. Such dynamism and personalization presents a challenge for operators as they aim to maintain customer satisfaction, improve profits and manage the data traffic crunch. With Volubill’s analytical reporting solution, operator marketing teams and executives can clearly and granularly see which packages are the most effective and make quick decisions about how to further tailor policies to both improve customer experiences and create new revenue opportunities.

“Offering targeted packages to customers has become a key success factor and revenue driver for operators. Having the ability to fine-tune those offerings even further, based on real customer data, will set operators apart from the pack,” said Mark Winther, Group Vice President and Consulting Partner, Worldwide Telecommunications, IDC. “The impact that analytical reporting will have on the industry will be significant, and we are only on the cusp of the new business opportunities that next-generation customer analysis will create.”

Volubill’s analytical reporting solution is accessible from any HTML5-capable device, allowing for flexible reporting and ad-hoc queries and data drill down, regardless of location. Offered as part of the Volubill Management System (VMS) and hosted in the cloud, the new solution enables seamless data manipulation and access for answering the toughest questions from almost anywhere.

Volubill’s analytical reporting solution offers a number of additional features for premiere control and analysis, including:

  • In-memory analytics: avoids slow data manipulation, duplication and indexing associated with common relational database methods
  • Trend and threshold analysis: monitors certain indicators that are important for strategic business insight or optimization of data services, such as an alert for when revenue for a particular service drops below a certain point
  • Visualized data: provides extensive histograms and charts, with enriched text, video and masks, for highly-visual reporting
  • Operational intelligence: offers the ability to predict trends in traffic volume, such as planning new offerings around key events and correlating the effect of new offerings to data usage and revenue gains or losses

“The common phrase is that ‘the Devil is in the details’. For operators, ‘the Devil is in the data’ is more appropriate,” said John Aalbers, CEO, Volubill. “With the launch of our analytical reporting solution, operators now have an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look into what their customers truly want from their mobile data package. By taking the guesswork out of customer analysis, operators can be confident that they are not only one step ahead of the competition, but they have extreme control over revenue opportunities, ensuring customers are being offered exactly the type of package they crave, and that will still be profitable.”

More information about Volubill’s analytical reporting solution is available by contacting

Volubill is committed to providing operators with accurate insight on how consumers want their data, and to help do this the company has launched a free, online survey for consumers. For the chance to win an iPad, consumers are encouraged to take the survey here:

About Volubill

Volubill provides policy management, policy enforcement and charging solutions to telecommunications service providers. With the exponential growth in the volume of mobile data traffic and increasing customer expectation, Volubill’s solutions enable operators to maximize revenues, and eliminate revenue leakage and fraud whilst delivering a personalized service experience. Volubill is global, with over 80 operator customers worldwide.


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