New Partnerships and Business Ventures Leading to Rapid Growth of E-commerce Worldwide

New Partnerships and Business Ventures Leading to Rapid Growth of E-commerce Worldwide (Graphic: Business Wire)

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LONDON--()--The e-commerce market is experiencing substantial growth across the world thanks to new partnerships, innovations, and adaptations to changing customer preferences by vendors in regions such as food and beverage, clothing and apparel, and packaging. Details on this growth and its effects on key markets are some of this week’s top stories on BizVibe. BizVibe is the world’s smartest B2B marketplace and allows users to discover high-quality leads, contact prospects, and source quotes in real time.

Demand for E-commerce Product Packaging in Asia is Steadily Increasing

The rapidly growing e-commerce market in Asia is increasing the demand for and sales of e-commerce product packaging materials and solutions. China is responsible for the majority of Asia’s e-commerce product packaging market growth due to the high volume of e-commerce transactions conducted in the country: in 2015, the transaction volume of Chinese online shops totalled more than USD 2.5 trillion.

Japan and India are other leading countries in Asia’s e-commerce product packaging market. Improving access to the internet in these regions, especially for rural populations, is increasing e-commerce activity and is acting a main contributor to market growth.

E-commerce Giant Amazon Expands its Business Once Again

Amazon is set to begin selling Nike sneakers and other products through a brand registry program in order to reduce the threat posed by third-party sellers and counterfeit goods, giving Nike better control over their brand image in the e-commerce market. This partnership will also help Amazon to expand their presence in the sportswear and apparel industries.

Following news of this partnership, shares of Nike rose 2% to USD 59.59, and shares of Amazon rose by USD 9.64 to USD 1,002.23. This is a major step for both Nike and Amazon, giving them a competitive edge over other sportswear companies and online retailers.

E-commerce Food Sales Taking Off in UAE

Internet-based online delivery services are currently dominating the food and beverage industry in the UAE, and are acting as serious competitors to traditional restaurants and offline services. To remain competitive and attract customers, many traditional restaurants are now partnering with e-commerce food delivery services.

Food delivery in the UAE will soon be almost exclusively conducted online, either through e-commerce or m-commerce applications. According to one major food tech player in the UAE, nearly 20% of orders channeled through their platform are now done online; this is expected to increase in the near future as e-commerce and food delivery services continue to grow in popularity in this region.

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Jesse Maida
Media & Marketing Executive

Release Summary

The e-commerce market is experiencing substantial growth across the world thanks to new partnerships, innovations, and changing customer preferences.


Jesse Maida
Media & Marketing Executive