iSEEK Corporation Announces ShapeID – A Compact Shape Code for Embedded Identification Applications

Figure1: Starting from a CAD model, the iSEEK Corporation ShapeID is extracted based on the geometry and then embedded into a QR label or a RFID to be scanned for triggering a shape search. (Graphic: Business Wire)

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AMES, Iowa--()--iSEEK Corporation announces ShapeID, a new shape code so condensed that it can fit within the small format of Quick Read (QR) codes or embedded technologies such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). The compact shape code retains high precision to differentiate even minor differences in shape. Request a demo.

RFID is a prerequisite for the Internet of Things (IoT). An RFID tag with ShapeID embedded allows the processing system application to instantaneously perform a search for the identification of identical and highly similar service parts across:

  • Different suppliers
  • Different part numbers
  • Multiple geographical locations
  • Global time zones
  • Various language differences

ShapeID is extractable from all native CAD (Computer Aided Design) file formats, their derivatives such as STL, JT, and CGR formats as well as standard formats such as STEP and IGES, Figure1. ShapeID was designed specifically to extend the QR code functionality for the manufacturing and service part sectors. ShapeID goes past simple part number identification to capture the three-dimensional geometry of the part including topology and dimensions. Scanning a QR code with ShapeID embedded triggers a shape search for identifying the part, while simultaneously identifying identical and similar designs despite the different part numbers.

iSEEK Corporation products encode the overall shape of parts and assemblies for classification, analysis and search in large and distributed databases. ShapeID complements the suite of products offered by the iSEEK Corporation, including:

  • CADseek Polaris
  • CADseek Analytics
  • CADseek Mobile

CADseek Polaris, Figure2, encodes a CAD model (or point cloud from a laser scan) to search CAD databases for designs that are most similar to the target shape. CADseek Analytics is tailored to analyze product lines in big data environments to identify unnecessary duplication and determine pockets for standardization. CADseek Mobile enables using a photograph of a part to search CAD databases for identical or similar products.


iSEEK Corporation
Mike Upah, +1 515-296-4156

Release Summary

iSEEK Corporation, the creator of CADseek shape search products, announces ShapeID: a compact shape code optimized specifically for QR codes and RFID. ShapeID captures a part’s shape and dimensions.

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iSEEK Corporation
Mike Upah, +1 515-296-4156