American Business Missing out on Billions Every Year by Not Monetizing Owned Media Assets

World-first tool provides the financial value of owned media assets, helping businesses commercialize assets

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NEW YORK--()--Every year, American businesses are missing out on billions of dollars by not monetizing their owned media assets. Sonder, the world’s first owned media consultancy, has today launched a global first in the United States,, an online Software as a Service that independently measures the value of owned assets, providing businesses with multiple new revenue opportunities.

According to research conducted by Sonder, from 57 worldwide companies, 96 percent of global businesses use their owned media assets to connect with their customers. However, only 12 percent actually know the value of their owned assets. The overwhelming majority of businesses are significantly under-valuing their owned assets.

Websites, stores, apps, social media channels, real estate, vehicle fleets, packaging and catalogues, are some of the examples of owned assets that have value to other brands and can be commercialized to develop new revenue streams.

Sonder co-founder Angus Frazer explains, “Businesses are under constant pressure to unlock new revenue streams and maximize the value extraction of assets. Transforming owned media assets into commercial assets are done with minimal risk and disruption to a business.”

“Businesses have invested billions into building their owned assets such as website, stores, transport and packaging. These assets are powerful media vehicles for other brands and have substantial media asset value (MAV). In fact, creating website video content or implementing digital screen infrastructure in stores can generate significant dollars for the balance sheet.”

“As an example of what businesses can expect, we inputted publicly available US Postal Service information* into and it was revealed that the organization is sitting on $5.7B in media asset value or MAV. This, if commercialized, could amount to $2.6B in additional revenue per annum. Furthermore, if digital screens were added to its retail stores, the US Postal Service could generate an incremental $74M a year. If they created video content on their site and attracted just 25 per cent of their website audience to watch it, they could expect a further $35M per annum.”

The patent-pending software applies multiple algorithms to a company’s owned media assets, such as their website, in-store and other physical assets, to determine the overall media asset value of the business. also calculates the annual commercial potential a business could expect to generate, the audience footprint and how to create additional media asset value in the future.

Multi-million dollar businesses like KFC have used early versions of to optimize their owned media infrastructure.

KFC Chief Marketing Officer, Catherine Tan was surprised at the additional value uncovered.

"Whilst we leverage our own channels quite well at KFC, using has been insightful in assessing their true value. We were able to assign a value to every asset, which made us consider our owned media in a new light. It is changing the way we think about communication and how we value our assets with partners." identifies three ways to leverage your assets for material impact:

1. Commercialize your assets with other brands
2. Improve supplier terms
3. Optimize the size and influence of your own audience

With 68 percent of the companies’ surveyed saying they would try, it promises to kick-start a revolution in how owned assets are valued and commercialized.

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*Disclaimer: The US Postal Service example has been developed independently of the company, using publicly available information. A copy of the report is available on request.

About Sonder Communications

Sonder Communications is the world’s first owned media specialists. Our mission is to help businesses unlock the power of their owned media assets. We find ways to optimize owned assets for commercial gain and more effective marketing. Sonder was founded by two leading media experts with over 30 years experience growing businesses of all sizes, across multiple countries around the world. is a registered trademark and has a patent pending.


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Release Summary

In a global first, an innovative tool called MAVmetric, has been created to independently measure the true value of owned assets, allowing businesses to understand the potential revenue opportunities


For more information, please contact:
Red Agency
Daphne Chuah, +61 432 390 207
Account Manager