Thought Leaders, Policy Makers Discuss CBRN Response, Defense, Technology Readiness at Defense Strategies Institute’s Joint Civil & DoD CBRN Symposium

Ronald F. DeMeo with Radiation Shield Technologies Discusses Advanced Nuclear Countermeasures

MIAMI & ALEXANDRIA, Va.--()--Ronald F. DeMeo, M.D., MBA, president and CEO of Radiation Shield Technologies, provided a “Nuclear Countermeasures” presentation during the Defense Security Institute’s fourth-annual “Joint Civil & DoD CBRN Symposium” this week in Alexandria, VA.

At the conference, thought leaders and policymakers across military and civilian organizations discussed advancing chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear response, defense and technology readiness for joint CBRN defense, and the changing budget landscape for joint CBRN readiness. Dr. DeMeo, who routinely lectures and consults top governmental and military authorities worldwide on nuclear countermeasures, discussed topics including:

  • Preparing for CBRN-E threats
  • Protection available today
  • Case studies and examples

“As the leading global developer of advanced personal-protection technologies scientifically proven to counter today’s CBRN-E threats, Radiation Shield Technologies was invited to share our insight and real-world case studies,” said Dr. DeMeo, a noted author and speaker.

Dr. DeMeo is the surgeon and entrepreneur who invented Demron, the only protective gear against chemical, biological, ballistic, and radiological threats as well as heat stress. The product line includes: fully-body suits, antinuclear vests; and anti-radiological dispersion device (dirty bomb) suppression blankets. RST’s latest addition is Demron ICE, the world’s first full-body suit that protects against viral, biological and chemical threats.

Demron, which has numerous U.S. and international patents, consists of an advanced radiopaque nanopolymeric compound fused between layers of fabric to manufacture the personal-protection gear.

Here’s how Demron is differentiated: When first responders wear other CBRN suits, their body heat is quickly trapped in the suits, leading to weakness and incapacitation. Because the suits are designed to keep harmful agents from entering, they also keep heat from exiting. However, the Demron fabric has unique thermally conductive properties that enable heat to escape through thermal radiation and allow external cooling without compromising the safety of the suits.

“With Demron, first responders can operate in the field more safely and for longer periods of time than ever before,” Dr. DeMeo said.

Demron also is differentiated for its flexibility, ruggedness, durability, and ability to withstand tearing, extensive use, decontamination procedures and corrosive agents.

Certifications include: ASTM F1670, ASTM F1671 Blood and Viral Penetration. ISO 8194 Certified: Radiation Protective Clothing, ISO 9001 Certified: Quality Management.

Demron is deployed worldwide by every branch of the U.S. military, U.S. CST teams, FDNY, IAEC, NASA, and many international first responder and military teams in China, Iraq, Kuwait, South Korea, Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and Singapore. Scientists have selected Demron for thermo-mechanical suits for future space travel. RST manufactures Demron and the nano materials at its research and development facility in Miami.

About Radiation Shield Technologies

Radiation Shield Technologies, with headquarters in Miami, is a world leader in the research, design and production of personal-protection systems for ionizing and nuclear radiation. For more information, visit or call 866.7.DEMRON.

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Radiation Shield Technologies CEO Ronald DeMeo discussed countermeasures for CBRN threats, including dirty bombs, during DSI symposium.


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