Ideal Protein Launches New Tools for Dieters in the New Year

Life-Changing Weight Loss Inspires Renowned Chef to Team Up with Ideal Protein for

GATINEAU, Quebec--()--Ideal Protein, recently cited as one of the top diets by DietsinReview and Shape Magazine, is launching new tools for dieters to help them achieve their New Year’s weight loss and health resolutions:, and expanding the MyIdealProtein year.

Driven by his passion for good food and good health, renowned chef Daniel Verati teamed with Ideal Protein, the medical weight loss program he credits for his own 100 pound weight loss, to launch, a new website loaded with web-based tools and recipes to promote and support healthy eating.

After years of weight loss struggles, Chef Verati turned to Ideal Protein for the intense support the program provided. The science-driven weight loss protocol, available only through doctors’ offices, includes weekly coaching by a health professional and sophisticated online tools.

“The support I received helped me succeed,” Chef Verati said. “I am dedicated to helping others lose weight and rehabilitate their eating habits.”

With, Ideal Protein and Chef Verati bring inspiration and gratification to healthy eating. In addition to low fat, low carb recipes that are perfect for Ideal Protein dieters, offers cooking tips and tricks, a toolbox with BMI, calorie, and calcium calculators, and even a contest to win a meal for four, prepared and cooked by Chef Verati, in the winner’s own home. The goal of the website is to support the concept that healthy eating can be tasty, easy, and fun.

The Ideal Protein protocol also supports dieters with an online portal, MyIdealProtein, free of charge as a standard, mandatory part of the program. The central feature is a daily e-mail introducing the focused topic of the day. One click takes dieters to a three-minute educational, inspirational video. Dieters are also engaged and encouraged with discussion boards, recipes and time-saving ways to obtain Ideal Protein products.

“Ideal Protein is the only weight loss system to provide this level of comprehensive support and education on a daily basis,” said Dr. Randall Wilkinson, the physician who hosts the educational videos broadcast to registered dieters daily.

In its first year, dieters engaged with MyIdealProtein for more than 10 million minutes. More than 20,000 comments were logged on the site’s discussion boards, indicating an exceptionally high level of involvement. Soon, an exercise and fitness training feature will be added, specifically designed for the needs of people who are losing weight on the Ideal Protein protocol.

“The first thing I do when I wake up is get my iPad and watch Dr. Wilkinson’s videos,” commented Beverly Hite, a dieter on the Ideal Protein protocol. “I couldn’t have had the success I’ve had without them and the encouragement of my coach Nicole. This is the best weight loss program that’s out there and, believe me, I’ve tried them all. I’ve reached my goal of losing close to 50 pounds and am confident I will be able to maintain my desired weight.”

Ideal Protein is offered through more than 3,000 clinic partners in North America. In addition to MyIdealProtein, dieters are monitored through weekly visits with their coach and follow the Ideal Protein four-part protocol for rapid and safe weight loss.

About Ideal Protein

Ideal Protein is a medical weight loss program that was developed 23 years ago by physician Dr. Tran Tien Chanh. Ideal Protein is a medical solution protocol based on validated science for safe yet rapid weight loss. It balances the body’s food intake for efficiently burning fat, and helps to reverse the imbalance in insulin that occur with the typical Western diet that contributes to weight gain and metabolic syndrome. This expert-led, data-driven program coupled with turnkey coaching from healthcare professionals is designed to move patients toward an ideal weight, lipid profile, cholesterol, and insulin balance. Ideal Protein is now available in thousands of physician, health care practitioner and cardiologist offices, and pharmacies in North America. For more information, visit our website


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